Why House Fleas Are So Hard To Treat

Some pests are easy to remove. Others present a far greater challenge. Out of all the pests we treat, house fleas are probably the most difficult. There are many reasons for this. Some of the reasons why these pests are so hard to treat include the following:

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Why some people struggle to get rid of house fleas

The biggest issue with house fleas is the fact that they jump. Most pests are extremely fast movers. As soon as humans arrive, they duck for cover. With fleas this problem is exponentially worse. They are able to leap out of the area and this makes most extermination methods useless.

The problem with house fleas is also that they are small, far smaller than most other pests. This means they are able to hide in carpets, furniture and your pets, which even spring cleaning can’t get rid of. They are also able to squeeze themselves into tiny cracks and other hard to reach places. Overall, this makes getting hold of these pests a difficult task.

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Both of these factors present the exterminator with a tricky problem. Fleas are small and they move around quickly. What this means is that by the time you treat one area the fleas have moved to another room. This is also why getting rid of fleas usually requires professional help.

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How do professionals get rid of house fleas?

This is why the best way to get rid of fleas is with heat treatments as the best option for treating household insects. Using this technique makes the job a lot easier for many reasons. First of all, here’s a quick explanation of heat treatments. This is a pest control method that uses heat to destroy pests. Basically, a heat treatment machine is placed in the affected area. This machine heats up the area. Science has proven that every pest dies at a certain temperature. For fleas it’s 35°C. Once the room reaches this temperature, the fleas die instantly. Not only that, so do their eggs and larvae. In fact, this method usually kills 100% of all pests.

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The biggest advantage of this method is that the house fleas are not disturbed and it’s completely green pest control. This means they do not jump to another area or find someplace to hide. It’s almost like the boiling frog analogy. By the time the fleas realise something is wrong it’s too late.

Heat treatments also provide homeowners with many other advantages. The biggest is that absolutely no chemicals or pesticides are used. This means you do not have to have poisons in your home. This is also far safer for the environment, compared to other pest control methods. Most importantly, it’s also a lot faster than something like fumigation. All in all, this is by far the best way to destroy fleas.

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