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Rodents are some of the most destructive pests found in the UK. These animals cause millions of pounds of damage every year. They are able to destroy your building, food stocks and also make customers ill. If you’re a business owner then getting rid of these vermin should be one of your top priorities. Pest exterminators Herts can help you with this. We have the ability to handle your rodent issues with the minimum of hassle. Not only that, we will also stop them from coming back.

Pest Exterminators Herts: we deal with rats fast

In you have a rat infestation then you’re more than likely dealing with brown or black rats. These two species are enormously destructive and spread quickly once they have taken hold in your business or home. While mice can also be a problem they are far less prevalent than rats.

Initially you may not notice that you have rats in your home or business. In order to determine if these vermin are present you should look for their signs.

Most often this will take the form of faeces which they leave behind. Rats and mice produce hundreds of droppings per day and these are quite easy to spot. You may also hear the sound of rats scurrying about. Rats are nocturnal creatures and generally do not come out during the day.

One final sign to watch out for are dark smear marks, especially around the area where they live. You may also see these marks near your cupboards, skirting boards and in places where food is stored. It’s important that you prevent food stocks from coming into contact with rat droppings and urine. These contain a large number of pathogens and will spread diseases to people who consume this tainted food.

Effective pest control for Hertfordshire rats

Rats are able to enter your business through the tiniest cracks. They are capable of elongating their bodies and getting through holes as small as 10mm. Even if your doors, windows and walls are sealed up, it is still possible for rats to enter. Once they have made their way into the building, the rats will then begin to look for a place to shelter. This will most often be in walls, cavities, and also behind equipment like stoves and fridges. Rats also love to live in ceilings and attics. These pests do not often venture far from their nests. For this reason, they will build their nest close to a source of food.

Closeup young rat prowls on the sink at kitchen on background of two faceted glasses. Fight with rodents in the apartment..

Hertfordshire rat control does not have to be difficult. Pest exterminators Herts recommends that you follow these guidelines. To prevent rats you first need to remove their sources of food. Do not give them what they need to breed and survive. If you run a restaurant, make sure that your kitchen is spotless before closing up for the night.

All food waste should be removed and placed into sealed bins. Also make sure to clean your floors and countertops.

Something else you should pay attention to is your sinks. Rats need water to survive. Taps should be firmly closed and any leaks must be quickly fixed. Also dry the area around your sinks. Rats are attracted to filth and dirt so keep things clean. The basic rule of thumb is to maintain a sanitary condition in all areas of your business.

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Pest exterminators Herts recommends that you deal with rat infestations as quickly as possible. Rats teeth never stop growing. This means they must continually gnaw, which can cause enormous amounts of destruction. As well as this, if rats get into your food stocks you will no longer be able to sell that food. Over time this can add up to thousands of pounds in lost income. Finally, rats can completely destroy the reputation of your business. If diners see rats scurrying about they will not be impressed. In a worst case scenario this may even lead to your business being shut down.

Pest exterminators Herts has the training and knowhow needed to eliminate rats quickly and effectively. Do not let this problem take hold. Call us today for superior service.

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