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In many people’s opinion, bed bugs are by far the most irritating pests you will ever encounter. Anyone who has woken up with bed bug bites will know what we are talking about. Fortunately, they are also some of the easiest pests to remove. Pest Exterminators Herts use advanced methods, such as heat treatments, which make getting rid of these bugs easy. There is no reason why you should spend a single sleepless night. Eliminating these bugs is simple and easy and can be done in a matter a hours.

The most unusual thing about bed bugs is that they do not have a natural habitat. These bugs live exclusively in the beds of human beings and are not found in nature.

Another unusual thing about bed bugs is that they are generally thought of as tropical creatures. This means they are not endemic to the UK. It also means that if you have bed bugs, you more than likely brought them back from somewhere. The most common scenario is overseas travel. Travellers go on holiday and sleep in a bed with these bugs. They are then brought back in either your clothes or luggage.

Another common scenario is second hand furniture. Whenever you buy a second hand bed or furniture there’s a good chance that it may be infested with these bugs. There’s very little you can do about this. The only solution is vigilance. If you are travelling overseas then carefully examine your clothing and luggage before coming home. You should also be wary of purchasing second hand furniture. Pest Exterminators Herts recommends you leave all second hand furniture outside in the sun for a few days. 

Getting started with Hertfordshire bed bug control

Another reason why these bugs can be difficult to get rid of is because they are almost invisible. Bed bugs measure only a few millimetres and like to hide away during the day. Even if you do look through your bedding you are unlikely to see them. What’s more, bed bugs are actually entirely clear. After feeding they turn reddish brown. This makes them extremely difficult to spot with the naked eye.

One good thing about these bugs is that they do not reproduce quickly when compared to other insects. The female can only produce one egg every other day and these take 10-15 days to hatch.

But what this also means is that bed bug problems should be taken care of quickly. The longer you wait the more time they will have to breed. Other signs to watch out for include dark stains on your mattress and sheets. These stains are usually a result of the blood that bed bugs feed on.

You may also see dark spots from where you have inadvertently crushed bugs while sleeping at night. Bed bugs can also be associated with an unpleasant musky smell, although this is rarer.  

How to know if you’re dealing with bed bugs

If you have bed bugs then trust us you will know. Their presence usually manifests itself in the form of red bites covering your body. While these bites are mostly painless, they can itch like hell. Which is why these bugs are considered such a nuisance.

Pest Exterminators Herts can help you with bed bugs

Pest Exterminators Herts does not recommend attempting to take care of this problem yourself. Yes, there are commercial products available for bed bugs, but they do not work very well. That being said, there are various things you can do to prevent bed bugs from making your life too difficult. Start by stripping your bed and leaving it out in the sun. Then vacuum the mattress as thoroughly as possible.

Along with this you should wash all sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. You can also cover your mattress with plastic to prevent the bugs from crawling in and out.

If this sounds like too much effort then why not hire Pest Exterminators Herts. We are a bed bug control company in Hertfordshire. Our technicians are highly experienced when it comes to Hertfordshire bed bug control. They can take care of this problem far faster than you ever could. Make sense? Then contact us today.

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