Ways Of Ant Proofing Your Property

ant proofing

Removing ants is incredibly difficult. Many people have ants living in their gardens, where they dig themselves deep into the ground (out of reach). These ant colonies can consist of thousands of inhabitants. When they are scouting about for food, they may be attracted into your home. That is why, when it comes to ants, prevention is always better than cure. To help you out with this, the following tips will help when ant proofing your house.

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Just How Hardy Are UK Cockroaches?

dead cockroach

There are many myths surrounding cockroaches. It’s easy to see why. These are some of the hardest pests to get rid of. Because of this, many people have ascribed them with superhuman abilities. But how true is this really? Are UK cockroaches invincible, or is there another story?

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Time To Spring Clean To Get Rid Of Pests

get rid of pests

Spring time is the perfect opportunity to get rid of pests. It gives you an opportunity to clean up your home and eliminate lurking pests. If you’re wondering how to get started, then here are a few ideas.

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Why DIY Bed Bug Control Fails

bed bugs in hertfordshire home

Are bed bugs a problem you can deal with yourself? Most people think that bed bug control is as simple as vacuuming their room. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Here are several good reasons why you will probably need professional help.

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Signs Of Rats Living In Your Roof

signs of rats

Rats can infest any part of your home. That being said, these pests are most commonly found in rooves and not in the garden as many people may think. But how do you know if there are actually rats in your roof? To help you out, here are some signs of rats to watch out for.

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Food Storage Tips To Avoid Pests

avoid pests food

Pests are attracted by various things. Besides clutter and dirt, they are mostly attracted by food. This causes enormous problems for humans. When food is contaminated by pests, it usually has to be thrown out. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to store food correctly.  If you want to avoid pests, here are some ideas for doing this.

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UK Pests That Can Attack Humans

Did you know that many UK pests are actually extremely dangerous to humans? These pests are able to attack humans and in rare cases even kill us. Here are some of the most dangerous pests in Britain. 

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Responsible Pest Control Protects Wildlife

responsible pest control

You’ll be pleased to know that we practice responsible pest control. Doing this is simply good business. Certain parts of our work are also bound by legislation, which means there are rules we have to follow. In case you’re wondering, here’s what we mean by “responsible pest control.”

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Cold Spell Drives UK Rats Indoors

winter homes

Believe it or not, in most cases UK rats don’t actually want to live indoors. These animals prefer to shelter in places that are free of human habitation. It’s not surprising they are most commonly found in sewers, away from people. That being said, there are times when rats prefer to come inside. One of these occasions is during winter or when there is a cold spell.

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Why Get A Long Term Pest Contract?

pest contract

When hiring a pest control company, you have two options. You can either get once off or recurring services. The recurring service is known as a “pest control contract” and this is highly recommended for all business. There are several reasons for this.

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