Time To Spring Clean To Get Rid Of Pests

Spring time is the perfect opportunity to get rid of pests. It gives you an opportunity to clean up your home and eliminate lurking pests. If you’re wondering how to get started, then here are a few ideas.

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How to get rid of pests when spring cleaning

The reason why we’ve written this article is to raise an important point. You see, when most people clean up their home, they do it entirely the wrong way. They focus on things like cleaning carpets or perhaps taking down and washing their curtains.

Unfortunately, when it comes to pest control this is almost completely pointless. Cleaning your curtains is not going to help you get rid of pests. If there are pests present, they will simply move to another area.

This is why it’s better to focus on clutter and undisturbed places. There are the areas where pests usually hide. Cleaning these areas will also give you the biggest bang for your buck. Other places to focus on include under and behind furniture and also cupboards. These are the places where pests like moths, mice and cockroaches live. Thus, these are the places you should focus on when cleaning.


Where to focus your attention

Start by attacking piles of clutter. All clutter should be taken apart and sorted. Anything that is rubbish should be thrown away. Items that you haven’t used for months or years should also be tossed, recycled, sold or given to charity. Find a place in your cupboard for everything that remains.

Then start on furniture. Move all furniture away from the place where it sits. You may get a nasty surprise when doing this, so be prepared. On the plus side, perhaps you will find lost items! Vacuum the area thoroughly. If the furniture sits against a wall, then clean that wall.

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Next, tackle your cupboard. Take everything out and clean it, especially clothing. Clean the cupboard and leave it out to air. You may also want to leave mothballs before putting everything back.

To get rid of pests you also need to clean up undisturbed places. This can include rooms in that you rarely go in, unused sheds, outside storerooms or your attic. Go up there and move everything around because pests can infest rooves. Look for pests and clean up at the same time. You should also include your garage in this cleaning.

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Something else you can do is seal up cracks and crevices along with regular home maintenance. Pests are able to squeeze themselves deep into these places, which is why they need to be closed. When doing all this you may or may not have found pests. If you didn’t, then count yourself lucky. If you did, then hopefully they were taken care of. Finally, make sure to keep your home clean and clutter free. This is the best way to get rid of pests for good. After all, if you let things get out of control, then you’ve only wasted your time.

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