Green Pest Control Options To Consider

Many people who are environmentally aware are also adamantly against pest control. These people understand that pest control involves highly dangerous chemicals which are harmful to the environment. But what if you’re one of these people and you have a pest control issue? Fortunately for you there are actually a wide variety of green pest control options.

What to do if you want green pest control for insects

There are dozens of reasons to avoid the use of pesticides. Besides harming the environment, pesticides often hurt other animals besides the targeted pests and some pests are resistant. For example, pesticides sometimes end up killing wild birds. What’s more, pesticides can seep into ground water and this causes further damage. The best way to avoid all this is by using pest control methods which do not require chemicals.

green pest control

The most well-know of these green pest control methods are heat treatments. This is essentially a method which uses a hot vapour to kill insects. The idea behind this technique is simple. High temperatures destroy organic matter, including pests. Once the temperature rises to a certain point the pests simply die. This method is known to be highly effective and can often kill 100% of all pests. What’s also great about heat treatments is that they kill all mature insects as well as their larvae and eggs. High temperatures are effective against fleas and bed bugs.

Using green pest control for rodents

Another popular green pest control method are live traps. These are basically traps where rodents are captured instead of poisoned, and then later released into the wild. What’s great about these traps is that they can be easily built at home, as well as bought in the shops or online. For example, the simplest physical live trap is to simply place a bucket in your kitchen with ramps leading up to the opening and something that will tip up when the rodent walks on it. Bait is then placed at the bottom of the bucket. Once the rodent falls in, they are unable to escape. These rodents can then be released into the wild, and away from your home.


Along with this there are dozens of green pest control methods that use natural substances. For example, there are a wide variety of pest repelling plants that can be placed in your garden. Another popular option is something known as diatomaceous earth. This is essentially a natural substance made from fossilised algae. Simply sprinkling this around your home will kill most crawling insects.

If you have to employ a pest controller who uses pesticides, then make sure they abide by the wildlife code. This is a special code of ethics are procedures created to minimise harm to wild animals and the environment.

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