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Rodents are some of the worst pests you are likely to ever encounter. In many ways they are a far bigger problem than insects. The reason is simple: when compared to insects, rodents are exponentially more destructive. This is why rodent control is so important. If you suspect there are rodents in your home or business then this problem should be handled quickly.

Pest Exterminators Herts can help with all types of rodent control. We have the skills, knowledge, experience and equipment needed to deal with large scale rodent invasions. Our technicians can also assist you with rodent proofing anywhere in Hertfordshire. This way, you’ll never have to deal with this problem again. Here’s what you need to know about the various species of rodents.

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There are quite a few different species of rats in the UK. The most common are the brown rat and the black rat. If you are dealing with rats, then it’s more than likely to be one of these species. While rats are similar to mice in some respects, there are several important differences. The main difference is that rats are, on average, larger than mice. They also have longer scaly tales. Another key difference with rats is that their droppings are noticeably much bigger.

No matter what type of rat you have, just remember that these animals can be highly dangerous to humans.

Both species are capable of spreading diseases that may significantly impact your health. These animals often produce more than 50 droppings per day. Their droppings contain bacteria and viruses. What’s more, someone will have to clean these up, and that someone will probably be you! Another reason to get rid of rats is because they are breed fast.


The four types of mice species in the UK include the following. The field mouse, house mouse, harvest and yellow necked mouse. While these vermin are not as destructive as rats, they can still destroy your home and contaminate food. The main problem with mice is that they breed at a phenomenal pace. This means that the presence of even a few mice can lead to an infestation very quickly. One major problem is that they continually gnaw in order to keep their teeth shortened. This means damage to your property.

The key differences between mice and rats is that mice are smaller, roughly half the size of rats.

Mice also have thin tails which are hairy. While mice are not nearly are dirty as rats, they still produce large amounts of droppings. In fact, these animals are known to create as many as 100 droppings per day. Something else you may not know is that mice are incontinent. This basically means they urinate everywhere constantly.


Squirrels are not often thought of as pests. The unfortunate fact is that these rodents can be just as destructive as rats and mice. The reason why is because they often get into your loft or attic. They do this by climbing onto overhanging branches and then dropping down onto the top of your roof.

Once there, squirrels make their way inside and cause large amounts of destruction.

Squirrels are also a major nuisance in the garden. They dig up bulbs and strip off bark from trees. Trees can actually die from this damage. If you are a bird lover, you will know how they climb onto bird feeders and steal food. While for many people squirrels are attractive rodents, they are a pest. If you have problems with squirrels in your home or outdoors, we can help solve the issue humanely.

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Rodent control is especially important for businesses. This is critical if you run a storage facility or food related business. Remember, rodents are inherently destructive. They are able to cause thousands of pounds of damage to stock. If you run a food business, rats can make your patrons seriously ill. Not only that, they may even result in your business being shut down by health inspectors.

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