Options For Treating Household Insects

There’s nothing worse than living in a house which is infested with insects. These pests can ruin your peace of mind and make your home seriously uncomfortable to stay in. But what can you do about household pests like cockroaches, flies or bed bugs? Believe it or not, most of these vermin are actually quite easy to get rid of. For example, here are a number of options for exterminating these pests. 

1. Fumigation

Fumigation is still the standard extermination used to get rid of household pests. When using this method the affected area is sealed up. Pesticides are them pumped into the area and this kills the insects.


Based on the type of insecticide used, this method can be extremely effective. The only real downside is that poisonous chemicals are used. This means that you may have to vacate your home for a period of time. If this isn’t something that appeals to you then you may want to use the next method.

2. Heat treatments

The biggest advantage of heat treatments is that absolutely no chemicals are used. This method is 100% environmentally friendly and a far safer option if you have small children or animals. Another big advantage is that you do not have to leave the home or do any kind of cleanup afterwards. In case you’re wondering how this method works, it’s relatively simple. The affected area is sealed up and a hot vapour is pumped in. This vapour is basically hot enough to kill household pests upon contact, the pests and the eggs.

heat treatment

3. Fly zappers

While these products may seem gimmicky, they do actually work. Bug zappers operate on a simple principle: almost all insects are attracted to bright light. The zapper utilizes a strong UV light that attracts household pests. Once they make contact with the light, they are killed by an electric shock. These devices are effective for all pests, but are particularly potent when it comes to UK flying pests. Also, if you’re having problems with flies you may want to experiment with flypaper or sticky strips.

fly paper

4. Traps

There are all sorts of traps and physical pest control methods for insects. Most of these traps work in different ways. For example, moth traps utilize a pheromone which attracts moths. When moths enter the trap they stick to the floor and eventually die. Another popular pest control method are fly traps. These work by attracting the fly into a container from which they cannot escape. If you’re planning to use these traps, just bear in mind that they are not nearly as effective as fumigation or heat treatments (especially for serious infestations).

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