Why Ants Are Hard To Treat

Some pests are more difficult to get rid of others. And while you may find it hard to believe, ants are by far one of the most difficult pests to remove. But why is this? Why is it that ants are hard to treat? There are a few reasons including the following.

Size matters when it comes to getting rid of ants

There are literally dozens of reasons why ants are hard to treat. The biggest of these is their size. Because of their small size ants are extremely difficult to remove entirely. No matter what you do, there are bound to still be ants left hiding away somewhere, especially in your food cupboards. Their tiny size also means they can fit in small places where humans simply cannot reach.

ant small size

Another reason why ants are hard to treat is because they leave a pheromone trail. This trail is left behind whenever ants encounter food. They leave the trail in order to signal to other ants that food is available. Ants will return over and over again wherever these trails are laid. The problem with this is that the trails are not easily gotten rid of. The pheromones are powerful and do not dissipate for weeks. Cleaning doesn’t help either. These trails are strong enough to withstand common cleaning products.

Resourceful ants will always find food

More reasons why ants are hard to treat is because they come in from the outside. There are an estimated 10 billion ants in nature. Now, it’s unlikely that you have this many ants in your backyard. That being said, there are probably thousands, and these can enter your home or business at any time they want. This is often why ants can seem so impossible to get rid of, especially in pub or restaurant environments.

three ants

You may also struggle with ants because they can eat the tiniest morsel of food that you might not notice. You see, despite how clean your kitchen may seem, there will always be scraps of food present. These include things like crumbs on the floor, or bits of food behind appliances. Even the smallest piece of food can attract and sustain a colony of ants because they are a common food pest.

Finally, the main reason why ants are such hardy survivors is due to their nests. These nests are built deep into the ground where humans simply cannot get at them. The ants store food in their nests and breed at a fantastic rate. What this basically means is that you will probably need professional help to rid yourself of ants. Our team can help with this. We possess the knowledge and tools needed to exterminate ants. There’s no reason why these pests should take over your kitchen. Contact us now for professional ant removal.

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