Common Food Pests List UK

Food pests are a major problem all over the world. These pests invade businesses, causing a massive headache and contaminating food. When this happens the food must be thrown away which leads to enormous monetary losses. This is an especially big issue for businesses in Britain. But what are the most damaging pests in the UK? In this common food pests list we will answer this question.

The most common food pests found in the UK

These common food pests are a major nuisance for businesses and homeowners. If you run a business then you’re probably already aware of these pests and should have commercial pest control. They include things like:


The pests in this category include cockroaches, beetles, ants, and flies. Each one of these on this common food pests list cause different issues. Cockroaches are filthy and breed at a phenomenal rate and are also becoming resistant to pesticides.

cockroach and food

If these insects gets into your kitchen they can be almost impossible to get rid of. Beetles invade all types of packaged foods such as flour, pasta, and grains. They lay their eggs in food which means the entire package must be thrown away.

While ants are not an especially damaging pest, but they can be unbelievably irritating. Ants are also very difficult to get rid of. Flies are also extremely irritating and unpopular. Not only that, they spread dangerous diseases. All four of these insects may also harm the reputation of your restaurant.


The first group on our common food pests list are rodents. The term rodent refers to rats and mice (squirrels are also classed as rodents). These animals are a huge hassle for businesses. Rodents are highly attracted to all types of food and breed at a rapid rate. This means that because of their large numbers the UK rat can quickly decimate food stocks.

rat with food

The biggest trouble with these pests is that they also spread diseases such as salmonella. This means that any food they get into must be thrown away. Another problem with these pests is that they cause huge amounts of damage in the process of building their nests.


The common food pests list for birds includes pigeons and seagulls. These birds can drive business owners loopy. The biggest problem with bird pests is that they hang around places like takeaways and harass customers. They also defalcate everywhere.

This creates an unhygienic atmosphere, which is a huge problem for food business owners. Bird faeces is an especially big problem for people with outside eating areas. Once again these pests also cause damage. Their nests may cost thousands of pounds to remove. What’s more they can also destroy your roof when building their nests.

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