Pests That Pubs May Find When They Reopen

We don’t know about you, but to us it seems as if the UK has been under lockdown forever. The biggest victims of these enforced closures are restaurants, takeaways, and pubs. With restrictions slowly being lifted, many of these businesses are reopening. While this is all very well, their owners are facing new challenges. One of these is that hundreds of businesses have become infested while closed.

What kind of pub pests are these owners discovering? 

So what kind of pub pests are publicans having to deal with? More importantly, how can they deal with them with discreet pest control.

beer on bar

1. Fruit flies

These flying insects are a huge problem for pubs because they are food bugs. This is because they love fermented liquids, especially those containing sugar. This basically means they love beer and other alcoholic beverages. To prevent these insects from gathering make sure to quickly clean up any spills. Also make sure you place empty tins and bottles into tightly sealed bins, and quickly wash dirty glasses.

2. Mice

Because mice are so small they often go unnoticed in pubs. These rodents seek shelter from the outdoors, but once inside can quickly breed into uncontrollable numbers. They also seek sources of food from pubs. This means you need to keep your establishment clean. You also need to plug gaps in your walls which mice may use to enter.

outdoor pub tables

3. Rats

Rats are some of the worst pub pests you’ll  ever encounter. These vermin can live underground , even in sewer systems, but will often come above ground. When this happens they are quickly drawn by the food in your pub. Deterring them is done by keeping your pub clean, and also closing up entrance points. Along with this you should also get yourself some rodent proof bins. If rats are already present, we recommend professional rat removal.

4. Ants

Ants are more active during the Summer when they come out of hibernation. While ants are not dangerous they are extremely irritating. Whenever you see one ant, thousands more could suddenly appear. This happens because ants leave pheromone trails that other ants can follow. The key to stopping these insects is to keep your pub sparkling clean. Do not allow things to get messy, as this will provide a source of food for these pests.

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5. Birds

Birds will often nest on your roof and this may cause damage. Not only that, birds are often covered with insects. These include things like spider and biscuit beetles. When birds roost on your roof, these insects often find their way into your property. All pub owners should place bird deterrents on their roofs. This will keep birds away and also stop them from harassing customers. What’s more, you will no longer have to deal with birds defecating everywhere.



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