Types Of Food Bugs Lurking In The Cupboard

What types of food bugs could be lurking in your cupboards? Very few homeowners realise how many bugs and pests are in their home. And because these creatures need food, they will mostly hang around your cupboards. In this article we will discuss these common food pests, as well as what can be done about them. There are dozens of types of food bugs. Most of these are attracted by the food in your cupboard, but many of them also get imported with the food. These bugs include things like:

Pantry Moths

This is a general term used for moths that get into food. The most common indoor moth is the UK is the Indian meal moth. Although they are not dangerous, they spoil food stocks. Flour mites are almost microscopic pests which contaminate grains and flour.

types of food bugs

These pests prefer dark, humid places and can breed quickly once they have infested food stuffs. This can be a problem because these pests spread allergens and also bacteria.  Flour weevils are slightly larger and infest the same types of food products as flour mites. These types of food bugs may appear as tiny black insects in your flour, rice, or grains. They are known as voracious eaters and can quickly eat up food supplies.

 Flies of all kinds

Fruit are the tiny bugs you often see flying around fruit, vegetables and other food. You may also see them hovering around your garbage bin or sources of water. They are mostly attracted to food which is either ripe, rotting or in a state of decay.

fruit fly pantry

These types of food bugs are also attracted to anything fermented including beer, spirits, and wine. These pests can be exceptionally difficult to control. This is due to their exceptional breeding capabilities. For example, the female fruit fly can lay about 400 eggs and these hatch in less than a day.


Ants are a common occurrence in kitchen cupboards. This mostly happen when food is spilt or improperly stored. The issue with ants is that they can be almost impossible to get rid of. This is because of the sheer number of ants which can be found in any colony. Another reason is because ants leave pheromone trails. This means they can easily find their way back to sources of food, even if the area has been cleaned.

ants pantry watermelon


Cockroaches are an enormous problem for many homeowners because they are becoming pesticide resistant. These pests love to hide in dark cupboards, especially those which are rarely opened. They also enjoy places which are moist and damp. This is why cockroaches are often found in the cupboard beneath your sink. To deter cockroaches you need to keep your home clean. Food must also be tightly sealed away. It also helps to occasionally open up and air out your cupboards.

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