Why Are Cockroaches Pesticide Resistant?

Anyone who’s dealt with cockroaches will know how incredibly tough they are. These bugs are highly resistant to any form of extermination. Even strong pesticides are often no match for them. But why are cockroaches so pesticide resistant?

Evolution makes cockroaches pesticide resistant

Cockroaches are pesticide resistant due to the process of evolution. These bugs have been evolving for millions of years. In fact, cockroaches started evolving all the way back in the carboniferous period, which was 320 million years ago.

hardy pest

Over time they have developed the ability to rapidly evolve to any stimulus. This is why they are so easily able to survive in different environments and why cockroach control is getting so difficult.

This subject has been studied by various researchers in laboratory conditions. Cockroaches were treated with various types of pesticides. These ranged from things like abamectin, to other strong poisons like boric acid and thiamethoxam. While many of these treatments were initially successful, the cockroaches eventually became resistant to them. Not only that, this was found to be true despite the frequency and duration of the treatments. This means that dousing the insects with poison has almost no effect. We use heat treatments, which are much more effective at eliminating cockroaches. Contact us today and see how easy it is.

Why are cockroaches so hard to treat?

It seems that to cockroaches, pesticides are just another environmental factor, like the heat or cold. No matter what pesticides you use, the cockroach will simply evolve a resistance. This resistance is then passed on genetically.

Cleaning up a cockroach

Even more shocking, this process happens almost instantaneously due to the fact that cockroaches only live for about 100 days.

What scientists also are also discovering is that cockroaches can develop a resistance to multiple pesticides. This is why using stronger pesticides, or different brands of pesticides, simply does not work. Even more disturbing is the fact that other pests are becoming pesticide resistant. Researchers are discovering that everything from bed bugs to rats are developing an immunity to pesticides.

Problems caused by resistance

This is causing enormous problems to property owners. It means we’re steadily reaching a point where pests are becoming uncontrollable. But what can you do about this problem? First of all, STOP spraying cockroaches with insect spray. After all, you are only making them stronger. Next, hire a professional pest control company. There are dozens of cutting edge and innovative methods which exterminators now use to destroy cockroaches.

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Many of these do not involve pesticides. For example, our company uses a mixture of traps, deep cleaning in addition to heat treatments. All of these are vastly more effective than pesticides. The bottom line is this: it doesn’t matter how pesticide resistant your pests are. With our help cockroach pest control problems CAN be eliminated. This is true no matter how hopeless the situation seems right now.

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