Signs Of Rats Living In Your Roof

Rats can infest any part of your home. That being said, these pests are most commonly found in rooves and not in the garden as many people may think. But how do you know if there are actually rats in your roof? To help you out, here are some signs of rats to watch out for.

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Listening and looking for signs of rats

There are many signs of rats. The biggest, by far, is noise. If you have rats in your roof, then you’ll already know this. These pests make an enormous noise, especially after dark. When you’re lying in bed at night, listen out for noise in your roof. You’ll probably hear things like scratching, scampering, and even shrieking. You may even hear squeaking.

In most cases, you’ll have to actually enter the roof to determine if there are rats. When you do this, look out for the following signs of rats. First of all, closely check the timbers in your roof. Rats have teeth which never stop growing. This means they need to constantly gnaw in order to keep their teeth short. Rats will gnaw on anything made of wood. To a lesser extent they will gnaw on brick and concrete. They may even gnaw on things made from metal. Examine the interior of your roof closely, and look for the telltale signs of gnawing.

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Something you should also look out for are nests. Rats’ nests are primarily made from packaging. This can include things like cardboard and paper. It may also include sticks, twigs, and leaves. Look in the corners of your roof for these nests. They are quite large and unmistakable, and it’s time to call in professional rat removal.

Other signs of rats to look out for

Another one of the unmistakable signs of rats are their droppings. These are dark brown and torpedo shaped. Even a small number of rats will leave large deposits of droppings which can be easily spotted. Along with this, rats will urinate everywhere. This urine has a dark brown or yellow shade once dry. If there are rats present your will also detect a musty, earthy smell.

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Another definite sign are physical sightings. Even if you see one rat, you could have an infestation. Remember, where there is one rat there will be others. If you spot any of these signs, then call a pest inspector immediately. Don’t try and remove them yourselves because rats bite. We can do a more thorough inspection and give you advice on getting rid of these pests. We can also go up into your roof if you don’t feel like doing that.

In addition to this, you should also regularly inspect your roof or loft. Try to go up there are least once a month or six months at the very least. This way you can determine if there are rats and nip the problem in the bud.

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