Regular Home Maintenance For Mouse Control

Taking care of your home is part of being a homeowner. Or even a tenant. Part of that care is regular home maintenance to prevent mice. Quite a few steps exist to control mice. Today we are going to take a look at some of the main things you can do.

regular home maintenance for mouse

Know the things that attract mice

Informing yourself on the things that attract mice is one of the first steps you should do. While mice are attracted by quite a lot of things, these are the most common:

  • Warmth
  • Presence of Nesting Items
  • Safety
  • Food Sources
  • Water Sources

Keep your home clean

Cleaning your home regularly and thoroughly is one of the best steps you can take by using the latest tips. A lot of different things attract mice to homes. None attract them faster than food crumbs, places to hide, and trash. Come up with a cleaning schedule to help keep your home in a condition that will keep the pests away.

cleaning the home

Inspect for entry points

Mice most often get into your home through open points in your home. Take the time to regularly inspect for any potential places that a mouse might enter your home. Mice can make themselves quite small, fitting through holes you might not expect. It is good practice to patch any holes you find in walls or your foundation. This won’t just prevent mice, but also other pests. You can hire rodent proofing services to help with this.


One of the things that mice like, is to be able to feel safe. That means that they love homes that have plenty of clutter and items around. By decluttering your home, you can help keep mice at bay. Clutter doesn’t just mean rubbish, it means keeping your home free of any unnecessary items, especially those that provide a good hiding spot for rodents.

home clutter

Check for mice regularly

It is rare to be able spot mice as soon as they invade your home. Mice are smart and quick. They also love to hide in places that you do not check regularly, and many signs of a mice problem don’t show until relatively far down the road. A few times a year, check your home to ensure that there are no mice hiding anywhere in your home. Make sure to check crawl spaces, attics, and other places that aren’t used regularly. Do not just look for mice, but look for damage in these areas. Chew marks are one of the most common signs. Missing insulation and other nesting items are another big clue. Then of course there are droppings, smear marks and an unpleasant smell.

mouse in the home

Taking the time to keep up on home maintenance for mice control can save you a lot of money, even when you rent because your landlord won’t be responsible for a new infestation. Once mice become a problem, it can take a lot to get rid of them. Many infestations require professional services to come in to remove them. In addition to keeping up on your general maintenance, the above steps are things you can do to help protect your home.

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