Prevention Tips For Summer Fleas

Unfortunately, fleas do not hibernate during winter. What happens is that they do become less active. As soon as it starts to warm up, they come out of this semi-hibernation, and their activity increases dramatically. What this means is that you need to pay particular attention to these summer fleas. It’s important that you prepare yourself for their arrival and take steps to combat them.

summer fleas

Steps you can take to avoid summer fleas

First of all, you need to thoroughly vacuum your entire house. Do not simply pass the vacuum over your carpets. Take time to do a thorough job and make sure you hit every corner and area to eliminate house fleas. If you have a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, then use that. You also need to make this a regular habit. Try to vacuum every other day if you can, or at least once a week.


Something else you may want to consider doing is having your carpets professionally cleaned as cleaning can eliminate pests. You see, vacuuming does not always get rid of summer fleas. They simply move around. On the other hand, carpet cleaning gives you a far greater chance of killing these pests.

Summer fleas also live in and around upholstery and soft furnishings. These should also be vacuumed, washed, and cleaned. Fleas can also hide around curtains, so you may want to consider washing these as well.

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Another thing to pay attention to is pet bedding. This is where you’re likely to find the most fleas. Remove this bedding and wash it as well on a regular basis. Also implement anti-flea measures for your pets. Get advice from your vet for the pest treatment for your pet.

Calling in professional pest control for fleas

Despite doing all this, you may still have issues with summer fleas as pets catch and bring them home. Don’t feel bad. Getting rid of these pests is extremely difficult and the above measures do not always work. In this case you may want to hire a pest control company.


We can help you eliminate fleas, with no matter how deeply entrenched they are. We do this with something known as heat treatment. This is a technique where the affected area is heated up to the point where fleas can no longer survive. This method has many advantages.

To start with, it has an extremely high success rate. In most cases all of the fleas as well as their eggs and larvae are killed. This means the fleas cannot return. Along with that, heat treatments do not use any chemicals. This is an enormous benefit to homeowners. The bottom line is that you need to be aware of fleas during summer. This is why it’s so important that you take precautions. This way you’ll avoid being infested.

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