4 Pests Pets Catch And Bring Home

Of course, it’s well known that cats and dogs can pick up fleas outdoors and bring them home. But how does this affect you? Also, what other pests can pets pick up and bring home?

1. Fleas

The most common pests that pets catch and bring home, are fleas. These pests exist everywhere in the wild, especially in places where pets roam. This includes places like long grass. Quite often your cat or dog will make their way through this grass, and then come home with these pests.

dog grass

Fleas in the house can cause immense problems for humans. They can jump off their host (your pet) and on to soft furnishings and carpets. From here they can get on to people. They live by sucking blood; in other words- you or your pet are their meal. One problem with fleas is that they are very small and you may not notice them. Fumigation or heat treatment is needed in this instance.

2. Ticks

The second most common pests that pets catch are ticks. Once again, this usually happens when they go outside, or run through long grass. Ticks may cause serious health issues. They can infect us with diseases such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and also Babesiosis. Of these, Lyme disease is the most harmful. This condition causes rashes, and also fevers, headaches, and tiredness.

pet tick

Ticks are easier to spot than fleas. Check with your vet how to remove ticks from cats and dogs. Ticks tend to stay on their host for some time, so hopefully you will see them before they get to you.

3. Bed bugs

Other pests that pets catch include bed bugs. These pests can cause significant problems for humans. Anyone who has had to deal with bed bugs will already how immensely irritating they can be. What’s more, they can also be extremely difficult to get rid of. You to kill bed bugs and their eggs. If you think you have bed bugs, it helps to look out for their symptoms.

pet bed bugs

Bed bugs are hitch-hikers. If they come in with your pet, they are likely to detach themselves form the pet and get into cracks and holes in your furniture. From here, it’s an easy move to biting you and your family.

Some of these include tiny red bites on your skin and blood stains on sheets or pillow-cases. Also look out for dark spots of excrement on your bed. If you do think you have bed bugs then the best solution is to hire a pest company. They can help you with bed bug removal techniques such as heat treatments.

4. Mites

Mites are often a problem for pets like dogs. They are usually passed between dogs but can also be picked up from outside. These pests can cause many problems for dogs, the most common issue being mange. Humans do not have to worry about mites, as they generally do not spread diseases to us. That being said, they can cause conditions like scabies.

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