New Year’s Habits To Prevent Pests

new year 2021

Your success or failure in life mostly comes down to habits. By the same token, whether or not your home is infested with pests also comes down to your habits. To prevent pests, you need to develop the right set of habits. These include things like the following.

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Tips For Mouse Control This Christmas

christmas biscuits

Mouse control is especially important during Christmas. The reason why is simple. The festive season provides a tremendous boon for these rodents. Your house is filled to the brim with delicious foods. You may also be tempted to take time off, and skimp on your cleaning efforts. Not only that, there are other things which may attract mice. These include presents, clutter, wrapping, sweets and chocolate.

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Why You Need Pest Control in Winter

pest control in winter

Is Winter a good time to take care of your issues with pests? Also, do you need pest control in Winter? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Pest control in Winter is highly important. Winter is also a great time to take care of pests. There are several reasons for this.

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Flea Fumigation or Heat Treatment?

cat with fleas

Fleas are incorrectly seen as pests which only affect cats and dogs. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Fleas are also a major problem for humans. If you’re currently experiencing flea bites, then you’ll already know this. But how do you get rid of fleas? There are many options, such as flea fumigation and heat treatments. In this article we’ll briefly discuss these options.

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Common Food Pests List UK

cockroach and food

Food pests are a major problem all over the world. These pests invade businesses, causing a massive headache and contaminating food. When this happens the food must be thrown away which leads to enormous monetary losses. This is an especially big issue for businesses in Britain. But what are the most damaging pests in the UK? In this common food pests list we will answer this question.

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COVID 19 And Pest Control For Business

lockdown tiles

Pest control for business is critically important during the COVID 19 pandemic. There are many reasons for this, and it is something you should take seriously. Here are just of few of these reasons. The reason why pest control for business needs to be carried out is due to lockdowns.

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Why Businesses Need Regular Pest Control

closed business

Regular pest control is important for all businesses. This is simply a fact. Depending on what type of business you have, pests are always going to be attracted. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a warehouse, pest maintenance is something which must be carried out.

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3 Problems Caused By Indoor Moths

clothing moth

Indoor moths are not generally perceived as a huge pest control issue. Most people will never encounter these insects and do not worry about them. But unfortunately this isn’t entirely true. These insects are actually some of the most destructive you will ever have to deal with. Read More

Types Of Rat In The UK And Where They Live

types of rats

When attempting to exterminate rats, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. There are many types of rats living in the UK today. Some of these are harmful to humans, while others do not pose much of a threat.

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Why Are Cockroaches Pesticide Resistant?

hardy pest

Anyone who’s dealt with cockroaches will know how incredibly tough they are. These bugs are highly resistant to any form of extermination. Even strong pesticides are often no match for them. But why are cockroaches so pesticide resistant?

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