What Birds Are Classed As Vermin In The UK?

vermin in the UK

When you think of vermin in the UK, birds do not immediately come to mind. Instead, you think of things like rats, mice, squirrels or foxes. Well, believe it or not, many birds (besides pigeons) can actually be classed as vermin in certain circumstances. In this article, we’ll list some of these birds. However, this is not as simple as it sounds.

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Where Exactly Should You Place Mouse Traps?

mouse trap

Mouse traps are highly effective. Yes, a few traps in the most effective locations can take care of your mice problem in no time at all. The important concept here is to place traps well. You see, these traps are only effective if they’re set down in the right place. Traps in the wrong place are less than useless. So where exactly should you place mouse traps? Here are a few guidelines for doing this.

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What Do Professionals Do To Combat Flies?

combat flies in hertfordshire

How do  pest control professionals recommend getting rid of flies? This is a good question. In this article, we’ll mention a few of the things we suggest to combat flies. With this knowledge, you should be able to eliminate any flies which are in your home or business.

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Pest Control For Property Management

pest control for property management

Do property owners need pest control? This isn’t something which many property owners often think of. Unfortunately, what you have to understand, is that pest control is extremely important for someone in your position. There are several reasons why:

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Where Can You Pick Up Bed Bugs?


How do people get bed bugs? The unfortunate truth is that most of the time we pick up bed bugs from somewhere or other. You see, unlike most pests, these bugs don’t get into your home because they’re attracted by food. In most cases your acquire these pests from somewhere. But where are these places, and how do you prevent this from happening?

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Are Squirrels Nesting In Your Loft?

squirrels nesting

Squirrels may seem cuddly and cute, but they can quickly turn into tenacious pests. The reason why is because squirrels often enter into homes via roofs, and are especially I interested in  lofts. They enter to find shelter and food. To a squirrel, it’s not your home, it is simply a place to live. But what can you do if there are squirrels nesting in your loft?

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How Long After Treatment Can You Go Home?

pest treatment

Pest treatment requires the usage of poisons and chemicals. These are used in small enough amounts, so that they do not harm humans. Only the pests are killed. That said, these pesticides can still be harmful to humans. Precautions need to be taken.

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10 Pest Proofing Tips For The New Year

pest proofing tips

Like many people, you’ll probably be making some new year’s resolutions. Also, like many people, you’ll probably be breaking those resolutions. While that’s all very well, why don’t you try something different this year. What we’re talking about are pest resolutions. Yes, why don’t you make this year, the year that you finally get rid of the pests in your home?

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Is Food Poisoning Caused By Cockroaches?

stomach pain

There are many different reasons why food poisoning occurs. For instance, if you undercook food. That being said, this does not often happen. No, the biggest causes of food poisoning are bacteria, which is chiefly spread by pests. The biggest culprit here are cockroaches, which are the main cause of food poisoning in all restaurants and kitchens. But what do you need to know about this and how can you prevent it from happening to you?

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Do You Have Woodworm In Your Home?

woodworm in your home

Woodworm are amongst the most destructive pests you’ll ever encounter. This is because they live inside things like roof beams, timbers and floorboards. They also occasionally infest things like furniture. Due to this, they can cause an immense amount of structural damage to your home. Repairing this damage can be enormously expensive. Read More