What Are Clothing Moths Attracted To?

Clothing moths and infestations are not the most common form of pest problem one hears about compared to something like flies or rodents. That being said, that doesn’t mean you can sleep easy. These pests can strike at the most unexpected times. This means you must take steps to prevent them. The best way of doing this is knowing what these moths are attracted to.

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What do clothing moths eat?

Contrary to popular belief, clothing moths are not actually attracted to clothing in general. What they are attracted to is certain types of clothing. What’s more, it’s not actually the moths themselves that do the damage. The damage is caused by their larvae. These larvae only eat a certain type of protein, which is known as keratin. This protein is found in natural fibres. For example, things like wool, fur, silk, feathers, felt and leather all contain keratin.

They do not go for things made from man made materials like polyester. They aren’t go for cotton. With this in mind, go through your cupboards and drawers. Separate anything which is made from natural fibres. This should include things made from wool, leather etc. (Also look for clothing which is made from mixed materials).


If you wear these items often, then clothing moths shouldn’t have a chance to get at them. On the other hand, if you’re storing these, then watch out. When these items are stored for long periods of time, they become vulnerable to moths as these are clothes moths are attracted to.

How do you prevent moths from eating your clothes?

The best way to prevent this is by routinely checking these items. You need to go through your cupboards as often as possible. This should be done at least once a month. When you do this, remove your clothing from the cupboards. Clean the cupboard thoroughly. Ideally wash the items from time to time. This helps to destroy any eggs which may be hiding there.


If you want to go one step further, you can store items of clothing in plastic to prevent clothes moth damage. This way you won’t have to check them so often. To do this, you can buy plastic drawers, or containers. You also have the option of getting plastic clothing bags. These allow you to hang clothing in cupboards, while still protecting against moths.

Finally, it’s a good idea to take further precautions. The best way to do this is with moth balls. These are highly effective. Something which is even more effective are moth traps. These green pest control traps work with hormones and sticky paper. The trap contains female hormones which attract male moths. The moths enter, get stuck to the paper, and die. These traps can be hung on your cupboard or placed on the floor. Take all of these precautions and hopefully moths won’t be munching in your cupboards.

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