What Do Professionals Do To Combat Flies?

How do  pest control professionals recommend getting rid of flies? This is a good question. In this article, we’ll mention a few of the things we suggest to combat flies. With this knowledge, you should be able to eliminate any flies which are in your home or business.

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Keeping flies out of the rubbish

First thing, you have to understand that all fly types are attracted to food. More specifically, they are attracted to food waste. What this means is that your dustbins are always the first priority. You’ll want to empty dustbins as often as possible. They should never be allowed to reach the point where they are overflowing.

In addition to this, you do not want garbage piled up next to your dustbins. For example, people are often lazy, and leave takeaway containers next to their dustbins. This is a recipe for disaster. Do this and you’ll have flies breeding in those containers in next to no time at all because they are a common food pest. Something else you may want to do to combat flies is place your bin in a cupboard. Many homes have cupboards specifically built for this purpose.


In addition to this, your dustbins should have a lid which closes securely. The more secure this lid, the less chance you have of flies getting in and breeding. Although these are outside, they are usually close to your house or commercial kitchen, and therefore flies are more likely to come in – especially if you have maggots in the dustbin.

Preventative measures used by pest controllers to combat flies

Also make sure to occasionally clean your bins. Food residue can accumulate in bins, so make sure to wash them. Follow the same protocols for outside dustbins. Empty them frequently, make sure they have a lid, and wash them as often as possible.

Next, keep all surfaces as clean as possible. Kitchen counter tops should be wiped after preparing food. Cutting boards must also be scrubbed clean. Along with this pay attention to your sink. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Something else you may want to do to combat flies is clean your drain. Food debris can accumulate in kitchen drains. Flies can easily lay their eggs in this debris and feed off of it. You can solve this problem by pouring warm water mixed with bleach down the drain.


You can also combat flies with fly repellants and gadgets. The most effective of these are bug zappers. These zappers have a blue light which attracts flies. When the fly approaches the zapper, it gets electrocuted and dies. Something else which is also highly effective are sticky paper and sticky strips. This paper can be placed on your walls and strips can be hung from the ceiling. Special fly fans can also be used to blow flies away. If you’re a restaurant owner, you may want to look into something known as an air curtain. This is basically a powerful air conditioner. You place it above your door, where it blows a jet of air across the entrance way. This prevents flies and other flying insects from getting in.

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