Why DIY Bed Bug Control Fails

Are bed bugs a problem you can deal with yourself? Most people think that bed bug control is as simple as vacuuming their room. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Here are several good reasons why you will probably need professional help.

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DIY bed bug control that people try

There are several DIY methods which most people use to treat household insects. These include vacuuming, washing their bedding or spraying the room and mattress with pesticide. Some people may even resort to extreme methods such as throwing out their mattress.

The problem is that these methods of bed bug control are rarely effective. This is usually because bed bugs survive. You see, what you have to understand is that these bugs are extremely small. What’s more, their eggs and larvae are even smaller. This means that there are always bugs, or larvae left behind. This is true, no matter how thoroughly you vacuum or wash the area.


Also realise that due to their size, these bugs are able to easily hide in cracks and crevices. They can also live inside furniture and walls. In fact, most bed bugs hide in the base of your bed. This is why vacuuming and washing are largely ineffective.

That being said, these methods of bed bug control are not a complete waste of time no matter how they got into your home. Thoroughly washing and vacuuming the affected area, as well as washing all soft furnishings and beddings is still worth it. Doing this may help to slightly alleviate the problem. Which is why you should try this first, before getting professional bed bug control.

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If DIY bed bug control doesn’t work

If you do attempt these methods and bed bugs are still a problem, then ask for heat treatments. This is basically a pest killing technique that uses extremely hot vapour, and they are a method of green pest control. A machine is used to pump this vapour into the room. It spreads around and kills any pest that comes into contact with it.

The biggest advantage of this method is that it can penetrate into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Heat treatments also kills the bed bug eggs and larvae, and is 100% effective for destroying these pests. Another huge advantage of this method is that it does not use pesticides or any chemicals. This means that you do not have to vacate your home for long periods of time. This is also an ecofriendly method of pest control, which may be important for some people. The bottom line is that DIY methods of pest control can work, but are usually ineffective.  If you want the problem sorted out for good, then you’ll need a professional.

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