Why Do You Get Rats In Your Garden?

Rats will most often target your home for invasion. But did you know you can also get UK rats in your garden? If this is happening then you might be wondering why? There are dozens of reasons and here are some of the most common

rats in your garden

If you have rats in your garden, it’s usually because something has attracted them into your garden. The most obvious cause is a bird feeder.

The most common causes of rats in your garden

Rats love to steal the food you put out for birds. They quickly scale the feeder and make off with everything. To prevent this you should either get rid of your bird feeder, or install an anti-rat bird feeder.

For example, you can stop rats by using something called a baffle, which is also eco-friendly pest control. This is a device which stops rodents from climbing up the feeder pole. The best thing to use for a baffle is a length of drain pipe. These pipes are too smooth and slippery for rats to climb, and this prevents them stealing the food. Simply place this length of drain pipe around your feeder pole.

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Another reason why you get rats in your garden is because of pet food outside. This food can attract rats who will steal the food. This is especially true if pet food sits overnight. Quite often pets do not finish their food. For example, your dog may have left pellets in their bowl. This food will eventually bring rats into your garden. Even if your pet does finish their food, there may still be left over grains in the bowl. You can prevent this by bringing in pet bowls and washing them. You may also want to consider leaving out less food for your pets.

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Some people delight in putting out food for wild animals who wander into their garden. These include creatures such as hedgehogs, voles, rabbits, moles, badgers, squirrels, or foxes. Unfortunately, this food is often eaten by rats in your garden before these wild animals have a chance to get at it.

A great place to hide and nest

Rats may also be attracted to your garden if it is overgrown or messy. Overgrown gardens give rats a place to live, breed, and hide away from humans. Garden clutter, such as piles of cuttings or refuse, also give rats a place to live and breed. Rats are sometimes drawn by decking and sheds. They love to build their nests beneath decking and inside disused sheds. To prevent this you should keep your garden tidy and remove all clutter, as well as using rodent proofing services. Also, if you’re not using your shed, make sure to inspect it once in a while.

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