Need Discrete Pest Control For A Restaurant?

Pest control can be controversial. That might sound like an odd thing to say. After all, what’s so controversial about pest control? The reason why is because pests can ruin the reputation of certain types of business. For example, any business that sells food. In this case, you’ll need discrete pest control. If you’re wondering what this entails, then keep reading.

discrete pest control

Why would a restaurant want discrete pest control?

Pests are a major nuisance for business owners, even at the best of times. Vermin can cause major damage to your business. This damage comes in the form of property damage and damage to stock.

Pests can also spread deadly diseases. This is an especially large issue when it comes to food related business, where pests like cockroaches can cause food poisoning. The other problem with food businesses and pests is your reputation. Image going out to a restaurant and there’s a pest control van sitting by the entrance? Imagine eating your meal and there are pest technicians going in and out? What would you think?

There’s a very good chance that you’d immediately be put off your food. In fact, your entire perception of the restaurant would change. What’s more, this perception would be especially negative if you were sitting at a five star restaurant. Even though a responsible restaurant will use pest control services for regular maintenance or if there is a problem, customers don’t usually think that seeing a pest control van is a good sign.

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What does discrete pest control for restaurants mean?

This is why restaurant owners need discrete pest control. If you have pests, then you need to take care of them quietly. This is why many pest companies offer 24 hour service and a pest inspection. This allows us to work after hours.

We can wait until it’s late at night and your restaurant is closed. We’ll then come in and get rid of the pests. This way, no one is ever the wiser. The reputation of your business goes untarnished. You do not have to worry that word will get out about your pest issue.

Another reason why we offer after hours, discrete pest control is because treatments are often quite complicated. Large pieces of equipment may be involved, as well as dangerous pesticides. This means that we cannot have customers and staff members in the building. These people are at risk, and must vacate the area. This is another reason why we cannot come in during the day.

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Discrete pest control also makes things more convenient for owners. Pest control treatments can take hours, so you’ll have to shut your business down. This means you’ll lose a day of trading. If you’re a successful restaurant owner, then this isn’t a problem. On the other hand, not everyone can afford this. The bottom line is that after hours pest control helps to protect your reputation. It also provides you with flexibility and convenience.

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