Pests In Restaurants Can Get You Shut Down

Can pests in restaurants actually get you shut down? If you’re a restaurant owner, this may be something you’ve thought about. But how real is the likelihood of this happening and should you be worried?

pests in restaurants

What you need to know about pests in restaurants

The answer to this question is basically yes, pests in restaurants can get you shut down. The main reason why this happens isn’t because of the authorities. The health and safety people are eternally forgiving and will give you a chance to get your act together. As long as you’re willing to do something about the problem, it’s possible to avoid fines and penalties.


The local papers are another story. Journalists are always looking for something to write about. In our experience they can be vicious. If a story about your restaurant appears in a local paper, you’re unlikely to recover. Your reputation will be ruined and no one will ever eat at your restaurant again.

That being said, you don’t need to be alarmed. As long as you follow a few simple rules you’ll avoid pests and keep your restaurant open. First of all, you need to identify the biggest issues when it comes to pests in restaurants. This mainly includes rodents and cockroaches, and to a lesser extent, flies.

Steps to take to avoid pests in your restaurant

All restaurants and commercial kitchens have to deal with rodents. These pests are attracted to restaurants like filings to a magnet. This is simply because there is food and food waste present. This is also the reason why cockroaches and flies gravitate towards restaurants. These pests cause numerous problems. In the case rodents, they steal and contaminate food. Cockroaches also contaminate food and can spread disease, as will flies. Each of these pests can also disturb guests. If customers see a rat, cockroach or fly, they are not going to eat at your restaurant again.

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A well-run restaurant can avoid all of these problems. What does this mean? Basically, keeping your restaurant spick and span so that you don’t attract pests and storing food properly. Another overlooked factor is spending money on pest control. Anyone not willing to employ a pest control company is asking for trouble. The best way to do this is by taking out a pest control contract. This basically means that the pest company will routinely visit your restaurant and inspect for pests.

When doing this, they will also implement precautionary measures. This can mean anything from setting traps to spraying insecticide to carrying out pest proofing, and getting a long term pest contract. This will go a long way to preventing pests and keep you on top of the problem. The bottom line is that pests in restaurants can get you shut down. That being said, this is unlikely if you’re willing to implement pest control measures.

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