What Is Covered In A Pest Inspection?

Before sending technicians around to your home or business to get rid of pests, we first perform a pest inspection. This is extremely important. You see, there are many things that must be determined, before we send in an extermination crew. These include things like the following.

pest inspection

What we go over in a pest inspection  

First of all, we determine what types of pests you are dealing with. This is important because it determines what we need to do about the issue. For example, what type of extermination method is required, how many visits we need to make and so on.

We also look for evidence of pests. This can be anything from nests to droppings and debris left behind by the pests. This helps us decide the extent of the issue. Looking for evidence helps us determine the nature of the problem. When doing this we also inspect for any damage done by pests. This helps us determine the severity of the problem.

pest damage

One of the most important things we do in a pest inspection is finding where the pests actually are. Usually, pests have a central nesting space. This is most often in a dark area, far away from humans. A lot of the time this is in a place taht is inaccessible to humans. If this is the case, we need to find where the pests are coming from. When doing this we check the property from top to bottom. This will include areas that you have not checked or did not think to check.

We assess the best possible course of action

During the pest inspection we also assess the best methods for treating the issue, and if you would benefit from a long term pest contract. This will be one of the many pest control techniques such as fumigation, heat treatments, traps or pest proofing. The method used is determined by many things, such as the pest type, severity of infestation or your personal preferences.


Once the pest inspection is completed and you have the pest treatment options, we have a talk with the customer. We go over everything we’re found and present these findings to you. We’ll talk about the pests you’re dealing with and also the severity of the infestation.

Other things to go over include how we’ll get rid of the pests and how many visits this will take, plus if you need discreet pest control. We suggest the best course of action and giving you a quote. Our inspectors will also address any concerns you may have and provide any additional information require At that point you can decide whether or not you’d like to go ahead with the treatment.

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