Food Storage Tips To Avoid Pests

Pests are attracted by various things. Besides clutter and dirt, they are mostly attracted by food. This causes enormous problems for humans. When food is contaminated by pests, it usually has to be thrown out. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to store food correctly.  If you want to avoid pests, here are some ideas for doing this.

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How to store food properly

All pests are attracted by food. That being said, when handling pests in the home you’ll mostly be dealing with rodents such as rats and mice. The next biggest issue for homeowners is cockroaches. Along with this you may experience ants. Then you have the so-called pantry pests that can lurk in your kitchen cupboards. These include things like weevils, grain beetles, grain mites, and meal moths.

pantry pests

When keeping out common food pests, what you first have to understand is that they can get into almost any container. For example, rats and mice have extremely sharp teeth. This means they can chew through most plastic bags and cardboard boxes. This also means that all food should be stored in hard plastic containers with lids that seal shut tightly. The alternative to this is storing your food in glass jars or ceramic or metal containers. Just make sure that the jar seals properly. Jars should also have metal lids, because rats can chew through plastic.

food jars

Whenever you buy food, decant it from plastic bags and boxes and into your containers. This should be done immediately. Do not wait for even an evening, because this can give pests a chance to get at the food.

Keeping food out of reach of pests

Along with this, you should also store all food inside cupboards. You may also want to store your food in the fridge. Make sure the cupboards close properly. This adds an extra layer of protection for keeping out pests. Another way to avoid pests is by never leaving any food out. Many people leave loaves of bread on their counters. This is an extremely bad idea and will eventually attract pests. Bread should be stored in either the fridge, cupboard or a bread bin.

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You can also avoid pests by getting rid of your fruit bowl. While you may enjoy seeing a bowl of fruit in the kitchen or dining area, this is a really bad idea. For example, rats love to eat avocados. Fruit will also attract insects like fruit flies. Fruit can be kept in the fridge or a cupboard. In addition to all this, you should aim to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Do regular spring cleaning for pest prevention. This will prevent you from attracting pests in the first place and makes your job a lot easier.

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