Cold Spell Drives UK Rats Indoors

Believe it or not, in most cases UK rats don’t actually want to live indoors. These animals prefer to shelter in places that are free of human habitation. It’s not surprising they are most commonly found in sewers, away from people. That being said, there are times when rats prefer to come inside. One of these occasions is during winter or when there is a cold spell.

Why do UK rats come inside when it is cold?

The simplest answer is that they do it to survive. You see, during the winter it becomes extremely difficult for rats to find food. This is mostly because there are fewer people about, and thereby less food to forage. For example, bins are less full when people do not congregate in places like parks and there are less rats in your garden. It is easier to find food inside homes and businesses.

winter homes

Another reason is simply because it is colder. While UK rats are highly adept at survival – even in cold weather – they prefer places that are warm. By coming into your home, they get out of the cold. They also come inside to escape the elements. This includes things like snow and frost.

UK rats may also come indoors in order to find nesting materials and a place to nest. Indoors they can find a safe, warm place and ride out the winter. They can also steal things like paper and cardboard and use them to build their nests. Along with this, living indoors increases the chances that their young will survive.

rat in snow

What can you do about rats in your home?

So how do you know if rats are setting up shop in your property? The easiest way to determine this is by looking out for their signs. The most obvious of these is when your food packaging is ripped apart. If this happens more than one night in a row you definitely have a problem. Another sign is rat droppings and urination. Rat droppings appear as small torpedo shopped brown pellets. If you frequently spot these, you probably have rats. Something else to look out for are dark marks along walls and skirting boards. UK rats are extremely filthy. They also like to stay close to walls when moving about. This results in dark smear marks on your walls. You may also hear strange noises at night. This could be the sound of rats interacting with one another.

roof snowing

If you do think you have rats, then it’s critical that you do something about it immediately and get professional rat removal. This is especially true for people who have a business. The best solution is to have an exterminator inspect your property. They can determine if rats are actually present and can then advise you on the best course of action.

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