Why Mice Come Indoors When It Gets Cold

Do mice come indoors once it starts getting colder? Yes, mice often enter homes once winter arrives. In fact, these animals are more prevalent during the cooler months. There are several reasons for this.

mice like warm indoors

Where do mice prefer to live? 

As we’re sure you’re aware, mice are a nuisance during all months of the year. That being said, they can become a far greater problem around autumn and winter. This is mostly because mice come indoors.

You see, believe it or not, while mice often live in homes, this is not their ideal environment. Unlike rats, mice do not necessarily prefer dark and filthy living spaces. These animals prefer to be out in the fresh air and nature. And while this is true, it’s not always the case.

mice like warm indoors

Anyone living in Britain will know that our winters are cold. You have to deal with occasional sub-zero temperatures as well as things like snow (if you’re lucky/unlucky!) and ice. This can make it extraordinarily difficult for mice to survive. They struggle to find food and warmth and somewhere dry to live. Mice also breed all year round. The cold weather makes it harder to rear their offspring and for those babies to live into adulthood. This is often why mice come indoors and why you need pest control in winter. They know that houses and business have food, warmth and shelter for their children.

What are the keys to keeping mice out?

To prevent this from happening, you need to make your home as unattractive as possible. Remember, if mice get into your home they will breed at a phenomenal rate. Within no time at all you could be facing a serious infestation.

This means you need to prevent mice from getting in in the first place. The biggest reason why mice come indoors is because of the availability of food. You need to stop them from getting access to sustenance by locking up your food tightly. All food should be kept in sealed jars or containers, and inside of cupboards. Also make sure to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Do not leave your kitchen in a mess at the end of the night. Take the time to wipe down counters and clean floors along with regular home maintenance.

sealed food jar

Mice also seek living space, and you need to deny them this. All areas should be cleared of clutter, rubbish, and places where mice could potentially hide. You should also insect places like attics and crawl spaces. Also check areas like garages and sheds. Mice often live in places without us knowing. It’s a good idea to leave traps in these areas. Doing this helps to get rid of mice before they can breed.

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