Are There Insects In Your Christmas Tree?

Are there insects in your Christmas tree? Believe it or not this happens more often than people think. The presence of these pests can ruin Christmas Day, so here’s what you need to know about this issue.

What might be lurking in the tree?

Most people don’t realise that Christmas trees are often riddled with household insects. The simple reason why there may be insects in your Christmas tree is because insects use trees as a place to live. This is true wherever the tree is harvest from.

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So, what types of pests live in Christmas trees? In the UK it’s usually all the same exact pests as you’d find in nature already. This includes ants, spiders, aphids, bark beetles, mites, moths, weevils, and bark lice. In some cases mice, have also been known to live in trees. While not all of these insects are considered pests, it’s probably better to keep them from your house. The point is that Christmas trees contain pests, and you need to get rid of them.

What to do about insects in your Christmas tree

There are several ways to remove insects in your Christmas tree to stop them getting in your home. First of all, do not immediately bring the tree into your home. Take it into the garden and give the tree a vigorous shake. This will help to dislodge most of the insects.

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Once the tree is brought inside, keep a watch out for pests. If you do see any signs of pests then take the tree outside again. It also helps to spray insect repellant around the base of the tree. This helps to kill any winter pests that crawl away from the tree. However, this may be unwise if you have pets or children in the house.

Also, be sure to carefully inspect every part of the tree. Look for pests and remove any that you see. You should also keep the tree outside for several days to a week. This gives any remaining pests time to vacate the tree (once it’s cut down pests will leave anyway.) You may also want to brush the tree with a broom or run your vacuum cleaner over it.

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All of this may seem like overkill, and you’re probably wondering if it’s really necessary. After all, you’ve probably had a tree for years and never experience any issues. This is all very well, but you have to realise that all of this is entirely random. One year it could all be fine, and the next year you’re suffering a pest invasion. This is why you should always assume there are insects in your Christmas tree, and do something about it. This way you won’t experience an unwanted upset and Christmas can go off without a hitch.

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