Why You Need Pest Control in Winter

Is Winter a good time to take care of your issues with pests? Also, do you need pest control in Winter? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Pest control in Winter is highly important. Winter is also a great time to take care of pests. There are several reasons for this.

What steps can be taken during Winter? 

During the colder months it may seem as if pests simply go away. But nothing is further from the truth. Yes, when it’s cold pests do go into a type of hibernation, and are not seen as frequently. But the fact is that this simply isn’t true. Pests are still present and pest maintenance is necessary in Winter, especially since Autumn pests will already have made themselves comfortable in your home.

pest control in winter

Another reason why pest control in Winter is a good idea, is because it’s easier. In Winter pests are dormant. This means they are easier to find and control. Pests are not moving about as much, which makes tracking them down simple.

Basically, if you have on-going issues with pest control, then Winter is the perfect time to address these issues. This is especially true with certain types of pests such as rodents. These pests are hiding in their nests during Winter and are easy to find and eliminate.

Prepare for the coming COVID Spring

Pest control in the Winter months might also be better for you. Things are quieter and you may have less business or customers. Many businesses – such as hospitality businesses – may even be closed entirely (especially during times of COVID restrictions). This means our technicians can come in and deal with the problem without disturbing your customers, or interrupting business.

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Pest control in Winter is something you should take seriously. This isn’t a task you should put off until Summer. You see, when Spring comes around the pests will emerge once again. Their eggs hatch and other pests come out of hibernation. This means that from one day to the next you may suddenly see an explosion in their numbers. An infestation will occur and you may be completely unprepared to deal with this. These pests could create an enormous headache for you. Especially if you’re opening your business for Summer.

It’s a far better idea to handle your pest issues during Winter. In fact, you should see pest control as part of general Winter maintenance and getting things ready for Summer. Remember, just because you don’t see pests in Winter, doesn’t mean they have gone away.

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The pests are hibernating, breeding, and getting ready to come out in the Summer. This means pest maintenance is still important and must be done. If what we’ve said makes sense, then contact us today for efficient residential and commercial pest control and pest maintenance.

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