7 Myths Vs. Facts About Rats And Mice

Rats and mice are a fact of life in the UK. We share this island with millions of these animals. In fact, these pests are part of the fabric of daily life. It’s no wonder then, that so many myths and legends have sprung up around them. Here are some of the biggest facts vs. myths when it comes to rats and mice.

rats and mice

Urban legends surrounding rats and mice

1. There are giant rats in the sewers

This is probably the biggest myth when it comes to rodents. Fortunately, there are no giant rats hiding in our sewers. This myth is mostly fuelled by tabloid media and other spurious claims. The reality about London pest control is that rats can only grow to a certain size. After that they do not get any bigger. Yes, there are often exceptions, but this doesn’t mean you have to worry about giant rats.

2. Rats and mice enter through toilets

Can rats enter through your toilet? Yes, unfortunately, this is true. Rats are extremely good swimmers. They can tread water for days and are also able to hold their breath for long periods. These pests are also known for living in sewers and pipes. This means that they can actually come in through your toilet. That being said, this is something that rarely happens.


3. Mice love cheese

This is another myth. We’ve all seen the classic image of a mouse trap with cheese on it. But are mice actually attracted by cheese? The answer is no. This is just another myth. The truth is that cheese isn’t actually that appealing to mice. Rats and mice far prefer peanut butter and other nuts.

4. Cats are enough to get rid of rodents

While cats are useful when it comes to rodent control, they will not solve the problem entirely and won’t drive rodents away. The issue is that rodents are extremely good at hiding away. They can crawl into small spaces where your cat cannot go. They’re also extremely good at avoiding cats in general. It also depends on the cat, although just having any cat can keep the mice at bay.

cat and mouse

5. Rodents are only attracted to filth

This can also be classed as a myth. It’s possible to get rodents no matter how clean or dirty your home may be because they commonly invade homes. What primarily attracts these pests is food. If they have access to food, then you’ll end up with a rodent problem. This can happen even if you have a clean and clutter free home.

6. Rodents cannot climb vertical walls

The fact is that walls are not enough to keep rodents out. These pests are extremely good at climbing. Their sharp claws allow them to grip onto even vertical walls. This is also why rodents are able to crawl up drainpipes, and over large obstacles and why physical pest control is needed.


7. Rodents can chew through metal

Can rodents chew through metal? Thank heavens, no. Rodents’ teeth never stop growing. This is why they gnaw on everything. They do this in order to file their teeth down. Because these teeth are so sharp, they can easily chew on things like wood, brick, concrete, and plastic. The good news is that they cannot chew on metal objects. Despite the strength of their teeth, these objects are simply too hard!

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