Most Common Rodents That Invade Homes

Rodents that invade homes are a major headache. This is something that almost everyone will deal with at one time or another. There’s a simple reason for this: rodents are infamous for coming into our homes and taking up residence. Whether it’s rats, mice or squirrels, these pests love living beside us. If this is happening in your home, then how do you deal with it? Here are some tips for getting rid of rodents.

cat rodent

Why do rodents that invade homes?

As mentioned, rodents that invade homes include rats, mice and squirrels. These pests generally look for places where humans rarely, or never, go. This is why their most common nesting ground is either your ceiling or attic. You may also have rodents in your walls, or beneath your floor boards. In rarer cases, you’ll find these pests in storage rooms, sheds, under decking or even beneath furniture.

The invasion usually consists of several stages. Rodents are continually looking for food. Depending on the availability of food, they may travel long distances searching for something to eat. What happens is that during these travels they discover your home. Rodents have an incredible sense of smell and they will detect that food is inside the home. They may also detect that your home is a warm and comfortable place to live. This is especially true during winter as the cold weather drives rodents indoor.


Rodents will then begin to move around the perimeter of your home. Rodents that invade homes will quickly identify an entry point. Most often this is some type of hole. They can also come in through pipes and drains. If the rodent is especially daring, then will come in through a door or window. This is why cats are so useful. They can detect rodents coming inside and chase them away. Squirrels will use overhanging branches to get on to your roof and from there may find their way in to your loft.

How do rodents make themselves at home?

Once the rodent enters your home they immediately start looking for food. When this is found, they quickly return to the nest. At this point, your home is identified as a good source of food. The rodent will then return over and over again on further scavenging missions.

under furniture

What happens next is that the entire nest decides that your home is a great place to live. Multiple rodents will come into your home and look for a quiet place to live. This is usually somewhere like your attic and they will live in your roof. They then build new nests and begin to multiply rapidly.

Rodents that invade homes are often completely undetectable. They only come out at night and hide away during the day. This means you’ll have to look for the signs of these rodents and carry out regular home maintenance. The biggest sign is droppings. These look like small brown torpedoes. Another huge sign is food packaging with chew and bite marks. You may also see torn up cardboard and newspaper around your home.

Call pest control if you need help to get rid of rats, mice or squirrels.

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