Why Do Autumn Mice Come Indoors?

Almost all pests seek warmth and nourishment during autumn. This includes mice, who start to seek shelter during autumn. These autumn mice can present a serious pest control issue for home owners and businesses. You may find them invading your property in large numbers and causing extensive property damage as well as other problems.

mice in the house

What you need to know about autumn mice

So why do these mice choose to come indoors? The reason why is simple: they are essentially seeking respite and shelter from the cold. Another reason is because of the limited availability of food in the outdoors. Your home or business provides them with warmth and shelter from the elements and an abundance of easily available food.

mouse eating

Although this may seem like a fairly minor problem it can become a serious issue. We sometimes deal with situations where hundreds of autumn mice invade a property in a matter of days. Once inside these mice cause havoc, damaging the property and breaking into kitchens and pantries. These infestations also cause serious hygiene issues. Remember, mice defecate and urinate everywhere. Cleaning this up this mess is hard work and it may also spread infectious diseases.

If your neighbours have rodents

Rodent populations can quickly grow out of control. If your neighbours have rodents, there is a chance you have them too. You should thoroughly check to see if you have any signs of rodents in your home.

mouse on a tap

Unless you hire an expert to come take a look the only way you can be sure is if you see the mouse itself. Should you discover a mouse problem in your home, you should hire a professional to help get swift control.

A few things you can do to stop mice

The easiest way to prevent autumn mice from coming indoors is to seal up all entry points. Start by examining your outside walls for holes and cracks. If cracks or holes are found you should immediately seal them up. Don’t forget, mice can squeeze through gaps as small as 10mm, so seal up even the smallest hole. Also check your foundations and floors for possible entry points. Finally, make sure that windows, doors and ceilings do not have places where mice can enter.

mouse by basket

If there are mice on your property then deal with them immediately. These mice will breed and attract other mice, which could lead to an infestation. To determine if you have mice look for things like droppings, urine trails, gnaw marks, and dark smears near cupboards. Also carefully inspect food in cupboards and pantries. Look for droppings nearby, gnaw marks on packages or food which has been spilled.

Finally, you should inspect places where mice could be nesting. This includes ceilings, attics and wall cavities. If you do find nests then call an exterminator immediately. You can also use precautions like traps and poisons.

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