Why Get A Long Term Pest Contract?

When hiring a pest control company, you have two options. You can either get once off or recurring services. The recurring service is known as a “pest control contract” and this is highly recommended for all business. There are several reasons for this.

pest contract

The biggest reason why all business need a pest contract is because pests are never ending. This is not a simple problem which you’ll only have to deal with once. It’s not like fixing a blocked drain or repairing something. Pests are a continual problem for all businesses. This especially true if you’re running a food related business.

In fact, this is why you actually have to look at pest control as a maintenance issue. This is a job which must be routinely performed. In order to truly keep pests at bay, you’ll need someone to visit your business from time to time. And this is really why you’re better off getting a pest contract.

A pest control contract will benefit your business

You see, a contract gives you access to this routine service. When you take out a pest contract it means that our company puts you on a schedule. How often we visit your business really depends on your situation. If you’re a small retail store, then it could only be once a month or longer. On the other hand, businesses like restaurants may need weekly or bi-weekly inspection for commercial pest control.

restaurant food business

When this happens we perform full pest maintenance and professional pest removal. This covers several things. For starters, we inspect the building from top to bottom. We look for signs of pests and if there are any pests present. If there are pests, we exterminate them. Most importantly, our team will carry out pest prevention measures. This includes setting an emptying traps, pest proofing the building, and also spraying pesticides.

What we do for our clients with contracts

There are also other advantages of taking out the contract. You may receive cheaper rates depending on the length of the contract. You’ll also receive preferential service. For example, let’s say you have a pest emergency. If you have a contract with us, then we’ll often come out immediately and discreetly. If you do not have a contract, then it may take longer for us to get to you.

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The bottom line is this: pests are an ongoing problem for all businesses. This is something that never truly goes away. As long as your business is operating, you’re going to attract pests. This is why pest control is seen as a maintenance issue. You need someone who is going to come around on a fixed schedule and handle this problem. For that to happen, you’ll need to take out a contract.

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