Pest Control For Commercial Kitchens

A great many of our clients are residential homeowners. But the majority of our work is pest control for commercial kitchen. If you’re the owner of a restaurant, café, or take away, then you probably already know how important this is. In case you don’t, then here is a short primer on this subject and what you need to understand.

Why pest control for commercial kitchens matters

Pest control for commercial kitchen is vitally and critically important. The reason for this is simple. The overwhelming majority of pests and food bugs spread diseases, viruses and bacteria. 

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This can be a huge problem for people who sell food. Basically, if your customers become ill you can get into an enormous amount of trouble. This can result in governmental fines and in rare cases, the death of customers.

It may also mean the loss of your reputation, financial consequences, and even the closure of your business. For all of these reasons, pest control for commercial kitchens is something that every business owner must implement. But what does this actually consist of? 

Following legislation is key

 According to legislation, there are certain standards that all commercial kitchens must adhere to. These include things like preventing pests from spreading harmful micro-organisms, germs and bacteria. They also include things like preventing pests from gaining entry into kitchens. In other words, you must prevent contamination of food by pests.

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This means the food you serve must be free of animal hair, feathers, dropping, urine, eggs, and larvae. In addition to this, food must be kept free of the bodies of pests. Something else you need to do is stop damage to your building by pests, and also maintain hygiene with regular pest control.

What’s important to note is that these standards are enshrined in law. Failing to adhere to them can open you up to fines or legal action. What you also have to note is that while some of these things are easy to do, many are not.

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For example, most restaurant owners are perfectly capable of keeping their kitchens clean. On the other hand there are things, such as exterminating pests, that are more difficult. This is why most restaurant owners hire someone who can do pest control for commercial kitchen.

 The easiest way to do this is simply by taking out a pest control contract for discreet pest control. When you do, this pest technicians will routinely visit your business and carry out pest control procedures. These procedures can include things like checking for pests, removing them, spraying poisons and setting traps. This way you stay on top of pest control issues and don’t have to worry about getting into trouble.

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