Why Do I Have Silverfish In The House?

While silverfish in the house are not considered a serious pest problem, they can become a nuisance. This is because they cause damage to things like books, papers, clothing, and also objects made from silk. But why are these bugs attracted into our homes? Also, what can you do about them?

It’s all about moisture

Silverfish in the house need large amounts of moisture to survive and hate dry environments. They need this moisture to drink and also to live. What this means is that if you have a problem with these bugs, it’s because there is moisture present.

silverfish in the house

This can manifest itself in various ways. For example, you may have damp somewhere in the home. Otherwise, there may be leaking pipes, dripping taps, or water pooled in your attic or basement. Also make sure to check garages and kitchens. Silverfish often feed on the dust, food and clutter found in these areas. Something else to note is that, unlike other pests, having silverfish does not necessarily mean your home is dirty. Remember, these pests are attracted to moisture, not filth.

 Once silverfish discover moist areas, they take up residence and start breeding. From there they may spread around the house and begin doing damage. This destruction can take different forms. The most common type is damage to books, papers, and clothing.

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These insects will also feed on anything containing starch, protein, or sugar. This can include grains, vegetables, fruit, and also pet food. What you should also be aware of is that these food bugs are not dangerous at all. This is because they do not carry any diseases that are harmful to humans.

What can be done to stop silverfish?

So what can you do about silverfish in the house? First of all, you have to decide if you’re actually dealing with these bugs. This means identifying their signs. The most common sign is holes in papers or the pages of books. Another sign is holes in clothing made from natural materials such as wool.

If you spot these holes also look for dark stains nearby. It is possible that silver fish droppings are the source of these stains. Also look for light grey spots. These are sometimes left behind when silverfish feed. You may also see scales left behind from when the silverfish moult. Any of these signs could mean you have silverfish in the house.

If this is the case, then what can you do apart from professional pest control?The most obvious thing to do in your home is remove sources of moisture. This means you should fix all leaking taps and pipes. There are also various natural methods that you can implement. These include things like cedar oil and shavings, cinnamon, citrus fruits, cucumber peels, cloves, boric acid, and salt. Simply leave these around your home and these bugs should be deterred.


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