Tips For Mouse Control This Christmas

Mouse control is especially important during Christmas. The reason why is simple. The festive season provides a tremendous boon for these rodents. Your house is filled to the brim with delicious foods. You may also be tempted to take time off, and skimp on your cleaning efforts. Not only that, there are other things which may attract mice. These include presents, clutter, wrapping, sweets and chocolate.

christmas biscuits

The bottom line is that mice love Christmas almost as much as we do. They use this time to gorge themselves, which may mean you’re dealing with an infestation around New Year. To avoid this, implement the following mouse control tips.

Mouse control tips involving Christmas goodies

Mice may be attracted by many things this Christmas. They are primarily attracted by the extra food in your house. Also, by the fact that this food is all around your home. For example, if you’re doing large amounts of cooking, then this will draw mice. The increased amount of food waste will also do this.

They are also attracted to the increased amounts of clutter and rubbish. This can be clutter from gifts and presents, such as wrapping paper. And also wrappers from sweets and chocolates.

Avoid your Christmas tree attracting mice!

Something else you should pay attention to are your Christmas decorations. Many people decorate their trees with food stuffs. While this can provide a sweet treat for children and guests, it can also attract mice. If you’re having trouble with rodents, it’s probably a good idea to skip these decorations.

christmas tree mice

The tree itself may also attract mice and other winter pests. Christmas trees provide a perfect place for rodents to hide. You may find them clambering about the branches. They may also be attracted by insects which are in the tree. Try to remove as many of these as possible before bringing the tree inside.

Clean and Tidy!

To prevent mice from invading your home you need to do the following. Mouse control starts by keeping your home clean this Christmas. You cannot afford to relax your cleaning efforts during this period. Even if you’re doing a lot of cooking, try to keep the kitchen clean as much as possible. Also try to throw away the rubbish that accumulates. Clutter should be tossed out as quickly as possible.

clean kitchen

This is especially important on Christmas and Boxing Day. On these days your kitchen and house are likely to be very messy. And yes, no one wants to clean up on these days, but this is essential for mouse control. That being said, if this sounds like too much hard work there, get the whole family involved or call us in for professional rodent proofing.

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