True Or False: Can You Kill Rats With Salt?

Can you actually kill rats with salt? You see, there are dozens of urban legends surrounding pests. Many of these revolve around ways of killing various pests. For example, you may have heard that salt can kill rats. In fact, some people refer to it as a cheap form of rat poison. But is this really true? Can you kill rats with salt, or is this is load of rubbish?


How to kill rats with salt

The answer is really yes and no. According to the internet, it’s possible to kill rats with salt. All you do is set out food that has a ton of salt in it. The idea is that the rats will eat this, get sick, and die.

As you know, too much salt is bad for you. If you ingest excess amounts of salt it can lead to something known as hypernatraemia. This is basically a medical term for someone who has too much sodium in their blood. People experiencing this condition may eventually develop salt poisoning. Some of the symptoms of this include dehydration, confusion, fatigue, and irritability. In extreme cases you may even experience seizures and coma. It’s the same for rats if you use this type of physical pest control.

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So, the bottom line is that yes, you can kill rats with salt. The problem is that it’s not very practical. Not only that, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get this to work in the real world. There are several reasons for this.

Is it practical to kill rats with salt?

First of all, rats aren’t going to eat the salted food because it tastes bad. If you’ve ever dropped a salt shaker on your food, you’ll know what I mean. Food with too much salt is inedible. This means the rats will eventually stop eating what you’ve left out for them and it won’t help to ensure the rat infestation has gone.

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Second, what happens when you eat too much salt? You drink water to flush it out of your body. Rats are smart enough to do this as well. These pests always have a source of water at hand. If you try to poison them with salt, they will instinctively go to this source and drink water. Finally, rats are extremely good at adapting to their surroundings. If you’re leaving piles of salted food everywhere, they will quickly learn to avoid these.

Ultimately, like humans, these common rodents are also affected by too much salt. Can this be used as a method to kill them? No, it’s extremely impractical and highly unlikely to work. Realise that salt isn’t a cheap form of pest control. You will have to invest in something a little more expensive. The good news is that other methods of pest control are actually effective.

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