How To Tell If You Have Cockroaches

Want to know how to tell if you have cockroaches? This article will help. Cockroaches are a persistent problem in many homes and businesses. These bugs are incredibly difficult to get rid of and are one of the toughest pests on planet earth. One of the reasons why people struggle to remove them is because they are so good at hiding away.

cockroach on rock

These bugs can squeeze into the narrowest cracks and into the deepest crevices. This means that you may often be completely unaware that there are cockroaches on the premises. So how do you know if you have cockroaches, one of the most common food pests in the UK?

Look for signs of their presence

How do you tell if you have cockroaches and need professional cockroach control? Here’s how! As we’ve said, cockroaches are extremely good at hiding away. This means you will rarely see them (this is especially true during the day). In fact, cockroaches really only come out at night when there are no humans around. What this means is that instead of looking for the cockroaches, you need to look for their signs.

These include the following. Droppings: cockroaches have droppings which are jet black and about the size of a grain of coffee. Eggs: cockroaches lay eggs in capsules. These are light brown in colour and oblong shaped.

dead cockroach

Skin: cockroaches frequently shed their skin. This skin is coloured brown and paper thin. You may see it near to where cockroaches are nesting. Damage: cockroaches may cause damage to inorganic matter such as books, leather, and food packaging. Smell: large clusters of cockroaches produce a musty odour. Finally, you may actually see the cockroaches themselves. If you frequently spot cockroaches, then you more than likely have an infestation.

They may trigger allergies

Another way of spotting cockroaches is with allergies. You see, what most people don’t realise is that you can be allergic to cockroaches. These pests may trigger things like sneezing, running noses, watery eyes, a stuffy nose, and postnasal drip. They can also cause rashes and asthma attacks. If you are experiencing these symptoms without explanation, you may have cockroaches.

sneezing cockroach allergy

Final thoughts 

The easiest way to spot these pests is by looking for their signs and paying attention to allergic reactions. Also remember that cockroaches are not seasonal like many insects. Unlike wasps, or moths they do not hibernate and can infest your home year round and you will need professional pest control. This means you need to be vigilant in spotting the signs of cockroaches. Also make sure to act immediately if you think they are present in your home because cockroaches are resistant to most pesticides. Remember, cockroaches breed at a phenomenal rate, and the longer you ignore this problem the worse it will get.

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