How To Prevent Bed Bugs On Holiday

Going on holiday is by far the most common cause of bed bugs. Even if you stay at the swankiest establishment, it’s still possible to pick up these pests. So, what can holiday makers do to stop this? How can you prevent bed bugs from coming home with you? 

prevent bed bugs

As we’ve said, bed bugs are most often picked up in hotels or while travelling. To prevent bed bugs here are a few tips for things you can do: 

Luggage – keeping it safe

To start with, keep your luggage far away from the bed. Try to avoid putting luggage directly onto the bed when you’re unpacking. In fact, try to keep clothing away from the bed in general. All clothing should be kept in your luggage or packed into cupboards. Also avoid leaving clothing on the floor near beds or slung over furniture.

Actually, one of the best things to use is a metal suitcase rack. Some hotels provide these in the rooms. This will help to keep your luggage off of the floor and away from bed bugs. If the hotel does not have them, you may be able to purchase a folding one yourself, or your next best option is plastic bags. Try to keep as many of your items as possible in plastic bags that seal.  

luggage away from the bed 

Check, check, check!

That being said, in order to prevent bed bugs, you also need to check drawers and cupboards. Before packing away your clothing, use a torch to make a visual inspection. Pay particularly close attention to cracks and crevices. As well as looking for the bugs themselves, also look for their signs. These include brown, black, and red spots. You may also see discarded skin. If you see any type of pest detritus at all, it’s probably better to avoid that cupboard.

The most important tip we can give you to prevent bed bugs is to check your items before leaving. Closely examine every piece of luggage with a torch so you don’t bring them home. Also check everything that you bought on holiday and do this before packing it away. Once you’ve done this place your luggage as far away from the bed as possible.


What to do when you get home 

When getting home check everything again when unpacking. Also, immediately wash all clothing before packing it away. You should leave your luggage outside the house for a period of time. Some people may want to leave it in your garage for a week or two after getting home. Finally, remain vigilant after doing all this. If you detect the signs of bed bugs or think you may have them, contact a professional pest company immediately. Do all this, and you’ll go a long way towards avoiding bed bugs.

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