What Temperature Kills Fleas?

One of the most effective modern day pest extermination methods are heat treatments. How this method works is simple. You see, no living creature can survive extreme temperatures. This includes pests. In fact, according to scientific research, every pest has a certain temperature at which they die. 

rising temperature

At this point you may be wondering if this technique works for flea infestations, and also what temperature kills fleas? Researchers have discovered that fleas perspire at exactly 35°C / 95°F. At this point it impossible for fleas to survive. Fleas’ eggs and larvae also die when exposed to extreme temperatures. In this case, they cannot survive beyond 40°C /100.4°F.

What are the benefits of using heat?

The benefits of flea heat treatments are numerous. As we’ve said the biggest benefit is that all fleas, larvae, and eggs are destroyed. Aside from this, heat treatments to do not use any poisons or chemicals. This is a big advantage for people who do not want chemicals in their home. It’s also useful for people who have pets or young children.

safe for pets

Another benefit of heat treatments is that they are convenient. Because there are no chemicals used, you no longer have to vacate your home for long periods of time. In fact, you can re-enter only a few hours after treatment. Also, because there are no chemicals, you do not need to prepare the home. For example, there is no need to pack away food and other fragile items. The treatments are also completely eco-friendly. Finally, what’s also great about heat treatments, is that most of the time you’ll only need one treatment. Compare this to fumigation, where technicians may need to visit your home multiple times.

If you need this remedial action – what next?

Now that you know what temperature kills fleas, how do you implement this technique? Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do yourself. It’s not as simply as blowing steam around the room, or turning your electric blanket to the maximum setting. In order to properly carry out heat treatments you need professionals with specialised equipment.

heat controller

To kill the fleas, the entire area need to be sealed off. A dry vapour is then continuously pumped into the area for several hours. Only after being exposed to this vapour do the fleas actually die.

That being said, there are things you can do. For example, one of the easiest ways to kill fleas is to simply tumble dry items like clothing, bedding, or curtains. Just remember what temperature kills fleas and bed bugs. You need to keep the settings at above 40°F (for at least 40 minutes). If you can, it also helps to launder these items beforehand for at least ten minutes at 60°F. You can also leave fleas ridden items, such as furniture, outside in the hot sun. As you live in an area where the temperature goes above 40°, this can help to a certain extent. Don’t leave it somewhere it might pick up more fleas!


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