Do You Need Mice Control In Vehicles?

Anyone who runs a business (or has dealt with mice) will understand the importance of mice control. It’s critical that you take steps against mice. This is especially true if you run a business involving food. But here’s the real question. Should these steps extend to your fleet and do you need mice control in vehicles?

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There are dozens of ways your vehicles may be damaged. This includes breakdowns, accidents, and general wear and tear. But did you know that mice can also damage vehicles?


When and why do you need mice control in vehicles?

There are many ways this can happen. It most often occurs when the mice are looking for shelter. Mice are attracted to warm, dry places where humans do not often go. When vehicles are parked overnight, mice will often make their way inside. This may seem impossible. After all, most vehicles are sealed when the doors are closed. But this isn’t always the case. Mice are able to squeeze through holes of only a quarter inch. This is about the size of a pen, and means they can easily enter into a vehicle.

Once inside mice can cause all sorts of damage

Mice will gnaw on upholstery and also on the components of the vehicle. This can include electrical wires and this may result in significant damage. The vehicle could break down and cost thousands to repair.

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Another problem with mice is that they will urinate and defecate all over the vehicle. This is vile and a huge pain to clean. Not only that, the smell of mice urine can linger for months.

If you notice this type of damage you should implement mice control in vehicles and mouse prevention. There are many ways to do this from leaving poisons in the car to setting bait traps. This is not always practical, which is why it’s a better idea to control the mice in your business. Doing this prevents them from getting into the vehicle in the first place.

Mice control in vehicles ultimately depends on what you’re using the vehicle for. Mice are often found in vehicles which are used for transport. If you’re transporting rubble, concrete or wood, you’re unlikely to experience mice.

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On the other hand, anyone who transports food must keep a watch out for these rodents. Mice are attracted to food and this means they may attack your vehicle.

This is especially true if the vehicle is left somewhere overnight. Even if it’s empty of food there may be scraps and these will attract mice. These mice can hide in the vehicle during the day. When you load the vehicle up again they will come out and contaminate your food. In this case, you will definitely need mice control in vehicles.

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