Can You Get Pest Problems In Offices?

Pest problems in offices are more common than you think. This is hard for many people to believe. After all, offices are generally seen as sterile environments. They’re not the type of places where you expect to see rats or cockroaches running around. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

pest problems in offices

Just like homes and businesses, offices can become plagued with pests. This includes all of the usual suspects. We’ve seen offices infested with rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and even moths and birds.

Why do you get pest problems in offices?

But why do pest problems in offices occur? There are several reasons for this… the biggest being food. You see, while offices have less food than homes and business, there is still food present. This usually comes in the form of people bringing their lunch into the office. Then you have people snacking at their desks and events – such as parties – where there is food.

No matter how clean you are and how much physical pest control you do, food will always lead to food debris. For example, crumbs and bits of food fall onto the floor. These are ground into the carpet or forgotten about. Then you have issues with dustbins not getting emptied or people leaving food in their desks. This can actually be a huge issue. Many people keep things like biscuits in their desk and then completely forget about them. This food can sit there for years until it’s eaten by rats or ants.

food at desk

Another source of pest problems in offices is the kitchen. These can often become dirtier than you think. Communal microwaves and toasters are very rarely cleaned. Along with this, you may also have problems with dirty sinks and counters. Eventually this mess attracts pests and by then it’s too late. Pests may also enter your office simply because there is living space. If you have cluttered or undisturbed places, then this may happen.

What can be done about pests in the office?

So, what can you do about pest problems in offices and how do you get rid of pests there? First of all, staff should be aware of these issues. They need to understand that they have to keep the office clean. You should have strict rules when it comes to using the kitchen. Staff must know that it’s their responsibility to clean up after themselves. They need to wash dishes, wipe counters, and keep appliances clean.

office staff

There should also be rules about food. All food that is brought into the office must be consumed or taken back home. Staff should be under strict instruction not to leave food in the office. Finally, if pest issues become overwhelming then you may want to hire pest control. This can be done discretely at night, if you don’t want pest technicians to be seen in your office.

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