6 Places Fleas Live In A House

So where do fleas live in a house? The answer is basically anywhere that shelter can be found. This mostly includes places where they can hide away such as cracks and crevices. That being said, there are certain places that fleas gravitate towards. These include areas such as:

fleas live in a house

1. Furniture  

When fleas live in a house, they often take up residence in furniture. There are two reasons for this. Furniture provides them with dozens of nooks and crannies where they can hide. Fleas especially love to live inside furniture where no one can get to them. The second reason is because furniture gives them easy access to food i.e. you and your pets.

2. Carpets 

The second most common place where fleas live in a house are carpets. This is also because carpets provide them with a place to hide. Depending on the pile of your carpets, fleas may be able to embed themselves quite deeply. This can make them extremely difficult to get rid of. Simply vacuuming the carpet will not always help and you may need pest control services. Along with this, you may also want to have your carpets professionally cleaned as part of a regular cleaning routine to prevent pests.

carpets fleas

3. Curtains  

Curtains are also a favourite place for fleas to live. They are able to climb high into your curtains and this protects them from human intervention. If you are plagued by fleas in your home, it will be necessary to remove all curtains and vacuum them. It’s also a great idea to wash your curtains.

curtains fleas

4. Pet bedding

Because fleas primarily live on animal blood, they will often make a beeline for pet bedding. This provides them with access to shelter and food. Fleas which also come into the home via pets will end up in their bedding. If you have fleas then the very first thing you should do is wash or change your pet’s bedding. If the problem persists you may need to choose between fumigation or heat treatment as a method of exterminating them. 

flea in pet bedding

5. Indoor plants

Another place where fleas live in a house are indoor plants. The reason why they love to live in, on and around plants is simple. Plants basically mimic the natural environment that fleas are used to. For example, fleas often burrow into dirt and then live there, as well as lay their eggs. This dirt is often used when potting plants and this is how the fleas enter into your home. Getting rid of fleas in dirt can often be tricky. This is because spraying pesticides may kill the plant. In this case the best solution is to simply to replace the soil.

6. Soft furnishings

Finally, fleas will often live on soft furnishings like pillows and cushions. Once again this gives them access to food and shelter so you need high temperatures to kill fleas like this. If you have fleas then, wash all pillowcases.


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