Types Of Rat In The UK And Where They Live

When attempting to exterminate rats, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. There are many types of rats living in the UK today. Some of these are harmful to humans, while others do not pose much of a threat.

Different types of rats and their habits

There are dozens of types of rats in the UK. Many of these have the potential to be harmful which is why pest rat control is so important.

types of rats

That being said, not all species of rats are problematic. Many species live out in the wild and do not cause problems for humans. These rats tend to mind their own business and will rarely enter into human habitats.

In fact, many rat species are friendly and can be kept as pets. These include species such as the bush rat or fancy rat. On the other hand, other species of rats can be considered pests. These include the black rat and brown rat (also known as Norwegian or sewer rats).

Dangers to be aware of from rats

These rats are highly dangerous to humans. This is because they spread harmful bacteria, pathogens and diseases. The most famous of these being the bubonic plague. Rats also spread other conditions like salmonella, hantavirus and leptospirosis. Many of these diseases will seriously impact your health or even kill you. This is why rodent proofing is beneficial to your health.

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These rats are also dangerous because they cause enormous amounts of property destruction. They chew and gnaw at literally everything. In some cases, this may even include wiring, which can easily lead to electrical fires. They will also rip your house apart when gathering building materials for their nests. Not only that, they eat and contaminate any food you may have stored. This is the primary way that rats spread disease. Remember professional pest control is best if you need to eliminate a rat problem.

What type of rat have you seen?

So how do you know if you are dealing with black or brown rats? These types of rats are easy to distinguish. The black rat is usually about 16-24cm long. In general, their tails are longer than the head and body combined. They do not grow very large. Adults weight between 150-200 grams when fully grown. They also have long pointed noses, big ears and slender bodies.

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The main difference between brown and black rats is size. Brown rats are far larger and can measure up to 40cm. They also have shorter tails and will weigh about 500 grams when fully grown. These rats also have a blunt nose, smaller ears and a boxy compact body.

These types of rats are both nocturnal. This means they prefer in live in dark places. They also like to avoid people, which is why you’ll find them in sewers, drains, attics, under sinks or in your garage. They may also choose to live in ceilings or walls.

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