Types of Pigeon Scaring Devices

Keeping pigeons away from your property can help to prevent a lot of issues. From property damage to health concerns and even just the general nuisance can all be prevented. One of the best ways to keep pigeons away is to use pigeon scaring devices. There are a handful of different types of pigeon scaring devices out there. Keep reading to see some of the different options you have.

pigeon scaring devices

Statues of predators

Statues of predators have been used for ages to scare away birds. The term statues is used loosely, as. figures are also included in this. The most traditional statue used to scare away birds is the scarecrow. Other statues include those of hawks and falcons, both of which will scare away pigeons.

pigeon scaring scarecrow

Sound devices as pigeon scaring devices

Just like there are certain sounds that humans don’t like, there are sounds that pigeons don’t like either. Ultrasonic noise is one of the best ways to deter any kind of pest with sound. Such devices let out a sound at a pitch that humans can’t hear.

Real birds

While not a device, real birds can be a great way to keep the pigeons away. Some people utilize hawks and falcons to keep pigeons away. Both birds are ones that would normally hunt pigeons and thus the pigeons will stay away. Real birds can be an expensive route and relies on specialist bird handlers, who train the birds.

hawks for pigeon scaring


Most birds do not like mirrors, they get confused by reflections. A number of different pigeon scaring devices are based on mirrors. Most of them move so that the bird has a larger incentive to be scared away. You can simply buy a mirror and put it up and in most cases that will work. Companies also make mirror devices specifically to keep pigeons away.

Bird spikes

The most common place to see bird spikes is in the city. These pointy spike strips work to keep birds from roosting in places they are not wanted. You can put them along gutters, fence tops, and similar locations. Bird spikes are not designed to kill birds, but instead to deter them. They make a space look uninhabitable.

Pigeon netting

Pigeon netting is a type of device that keeps pigeons from accessing an area in the first place. Like the name implies, pigeon netting is a simple netting that prevents birds from entering. Bird netting comes in either a metal or rope. High quality bird netting is essential so that pigeons do not wear it down with time.

pigeons on street

Take a look at the different types of devices that are available to you. These various devices can help you to eliminate or prevent a pigeon problem. Each one comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Working with a professional can help you to determine which option is right for you and your property.

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