New Year’s Habits To Prevent Pests

Your success or failure in life mostly comes down to habits. By the same token, whether or not your home is infested with pests also comes down to your habits. To prevent pests, you need to develop the right set of habits. These include things like the following.

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In order to prevent pests in your home, it’s critical that you do the following to avoid needing more intense residential pest control. These are the five most useful habits for getting rid of pests.

1. Vacuum your home more often

Start by making regular vacuuming a habit. Ideally this should be done at least once a day. If you can’t do this, then try to stick to once a week. You can also vacuum different rooms on various days of the week.

For example, do your lounge on Monday, bedrooms on Tuesday, hallways on Wednesday etc. It’s important that you vacuum often because most carpets are chock a block with food particles.

Even if you only eat in the kitchen this still needs to be done. Crumbs fall on the floor, we step on them, and these are transferred all over the house.

2. Do the dishes before going to bed

One of the last things you should do at night is wash your dishes. Get into the habit of doing after the last meal or snack of the day.

vacuum more often

You should never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Even a single dirty dish can provide the food that pests need to survive and breed for months. Make sure that every single dish and cup is cleaned before bed for effective pest proofing.

3. Clean your counter tops

After doing the dishes you should also clean your counter tops. Use some type of anti-bacterial spray when doing this. Clean your countertops even if they appear clean. There may be invisible particles of food which you cannot see.


4. Don’t leave cups and glasses lying around

Pests also need moisture to survive. Many people are in the habit of leaving half-finished cups of tea, water, or juice lying around. During the night pests may drink from these. To prevent this, get into the habit of taking cups to the sink and washing them. If you do experience pests then you should always get professional pest control.

wash dishes

These are not the only sources of water for pests. Also make sure your taps are firmly closed after opening them. This should include your bath and shower. Finally, to prevent pests you must also dry up around your sink. You can even dry the sink itself. This should be done after washing the dishes at night.

5. Throw away rubbish

You can prevent pests by taking out the rubbish whenever possible. Far too many people are lazy when it comes to doing this. instead, get into the habit of taking out as soon as the bin is full and make sure it is ready whenever the bin men come. Do not leave it to accumulate for weeks.

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