How To Deter Squirrels From Garden

Want to know how to deter squirrels from your garden? While many people find these animals cute they can actually be a menace. Anyone with squirrels rampaging through their garden will know exactly what we mean. But what can homeowners do when finding themselves in this position? How to deter squirrels from your garden involves implementing several steps. Professional pest control is always best. These include the following:

how to deter squirrels

1. Remove their sources of food

Get rid of anything the squirrels eat. To do this you need to clean up all nuts, berries, and acorns that are in your garden. Also get rid of your bird feeder (unless specifically squirrel proof), hide away pet food bowls, and keep bins tightly secured.

2. Get a pet

Dogs are highly effective at removing squirrels. Dogs see the garden as their space and will chase away anything that intrudes.

dog and squirrel

3. Use unpleasant scents

Squirrels hate the smell of certain things. You can investigate which smells they do not like. One idea is to try coffee grounds, as squirrels are said to hate the smell.

4. Plant herbs

Squirrels also hate the smell of certain herbs and plants. These include things like mint, mustard, marigolds, and nasturtiums. While squirrels might not like them, people usually love them! You may also want to try crown imperial bulbs.

5. Use your sprinkler system

Squirrels don’t like to get wet. Using a motion activated sprinkler system is a great way to shoo them off your property.

sprinkler system

6. Use enclosures

One reason why squirrels are so attracted to your garden could be because you have fruit trees. You may also have a vegetable patch or fruit trees. These should be covered using chicken wire enclosures. This will teach squirrels that there’s no food to be found in your garden. Pest companies may be able to provide these traps for you.

7. Put down gravel

These pests don’t like to hurt their feet. By covering part of your garden with gravel you may be able to deter them.

gravel garden

8. Feed them

Another option which may or may not work, is to simply feed them. Set up a feeding area far away from your home. You can do this by setting up a bird feeder and filling it with peanuts, corn, and sunflower seeds.

Knowing how to deter squirrels is helpful, but may not be enough to stop them getting into your home. If squirrels are allowed to run rampant through your garden they could eventually get into your house. They do this by climbing onto trees and using overhanging branches to get onto your roof. From there they will enter into your roof space. When this happens squirrels can cause significant damage to your home. This includes defecating, building nests, and gnawing through roof beams and electrical wires. Invest in rodent proofing services to stop this from happening.

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