Why We DBS Check Our Technicians

One of the most important things when hiring a pest company is safety. Not only should the technicians safely remove the pests, but you should be confident about the people who come into your home. So, how do we ensure that we employ only the most suitable staff?

CRB checked pest controllers

Why you should hire a company that performs DBS checks

Many people are wary of having tradesmen in their home for regular home maintenance. It’s easy to see why. There are dozens of news stories telling of people let contractors into their home and then later discover that items are missing, for example.

So what can a reputable company do to protect customers against these problems? One of the greatest tools an employer has against scoundrels is something known as a DBS check. These letters stand for Disclosure and Barring Service. This is essentially a background check that is performed by the UK government. The purpose of which is mainly to see if someone has any kind of criminal background.

The service checks so see if the person has been involved in any kind of incident. For example, a DBS check also looks for people who have received convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings.

DBS checks offer peace of mind on all fronts 

DBS checks are especially important to pest control companies because pest control technicians use potentially dangerous chemicals. We don’t want to hire someone who has ever caused an accident.

So how do you use this tool? Obviously, the general public isn’t going to run a DBS check on every person who comes into their house. What you’re going to want to do instead, is make sure that the pest control company you choose to hire does these checks for all their employees. When looking for a pest control company, try to find out if they mention this check. Most reputable and professional companies will mention it prominently on their website or marketing materials

website check

Something else you can do is contact the company directly. Phone them up and ask about their procedures for vetting their staff. Listen closely to their reply. If they stammer, seem taken off guard, or sound evasive then maybe avoid that company. Ultimately, it’s all about safety and peace of mind. The safety of your family and your property is an absolute priority.


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